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4-18-11: Bird Droppings - Lockout = Lack Of Cardinals News

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There is hardly anything out there this morning, so today I'll just post what I have and hope there is more tomorrow. The Cardinals links for today include one from Sando looking at NFC West QBs when throwing to Wide Receivers compared to Backs and Tight Ends, along with a link saying the Cards need an Inside Linebacker.

Also, anyone else amazed that Peyton Hillis beat Aaron Rodgers in the Madden 12 cover vote? He is in the final round against Michael Vick right now.

Hard to enjoy the NFL Draft not knowing what's next -
It's hard for me to enjoy that one last thin-mint Girl Scout cookie knowing that I have to wait another six months before the Girl Scouts start selling them again. Likewise, it's going to be hard to enjoy the NFL Draft knowing that once it's over nobody knows what comes next.

The long and short of NFC West QBs - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Marty Callinan of ESPN Stats & Information has come through with context for the earlier item detailing Sam Bradford's production last season. The charts break down passing stats for Bradford and other NFC West quarterbacks based on whether they targeted wide receivers or running backs/tight ends. The information has been expanded to include passes thrown to fullbacks, not just to halfbacks. - Draft Dose: Who needs an inside linebacker?
Cardinals: The Cardinals have a decent option at inside linebacker with Paris Lenon, but are lacking both depth and an experienced player opposite him in their 3-4 defense. Gerald Hayes was ineffective last season after missing time because of surgery on his back. Daryl Washington, a second-round pick in 2010, started 11 games as a rookie and could stay in the starting lineup if Arizona doesn't add anyone at the position. Whether it's a starter or reserve, Arizona needs to add an inside linebacker or two to address a serious need for depth at the position.

Arizona Diamondbacks drop San Francisco Giants in 12th inning
Justin Upton was too busy sliding into home plate to notice Stephen Drew's reaction after coming up with the game-winning hit for the Diamondbacks on Sunday at Chase Field. But after beating the throw home to complete a 6-5 victory over the San Francisco Giants in the 12th inning, Upton had a pretty good idea how Drew celebrated his single to right field. "Nothing, right?" Upton said. Right. Nothing. In typical Drew fashion, the shortstop simply made the turn around first, watched Upton score the winning run and didn't even seem to flash a smile.

Eagles getting trade offers for Mike Kafka, too | ProFootballTalk
A league source tells the Philadelphia Inquirer that the Eagles have received trade offers for third-string quarterback Mike Kafka. Kafka was a fourth-round pick in last year’s draft.

NFL: Offenses could suffer early in 2011 - ESPN
If I'm right about what I'm feeling, the 2011 NFL season -- if it starts on time -- will get off to a slow start offensively.

Jon Gruden puts Cam Newton "on the spot" | ProFootballTalk
Last year, Jon Gruden’s too-bad-he-doesn’t-bring-it-like-that-in-the-broadcast-booth style of pressing incoming rookie quarterbacks adroitly cajoled Jimmy Clausen into placing blame on one of his receivers for a play that resulted in an interception. Mike Mayock of NFL Network concluded that the segment may have hurt Clausen’s draft stock. This year, Gruden has exposed one of the stated concerns regarding the man widely expected to be the first pick in the draft: Cam Newton.

Steve Sabol battles brain tumor; 2011 NFL Draft prospects evaluated - Peter King -
Steve Sabol, battling a brain tumor, wants to attend his father's HOF induction Ten things I learned about the draft this week; Jon Gruden's latest project Quotes of the Week, Stat of the Week, 10 Things I Think I Think and more news: Colts, Pats can be selective in finding heir apparents at QB
What having Tom Brady and Peyton Manning does for the Patriots and Colts is allow them to be selective and patient over the next few years in looking for the next quarterback in line.

Madden NFL 12 Cover Tournament Finals: Michael Vick vs Peyton Hillis |
The two players who first promoted the Madden NFL 12 cover tournament on ESPN have made it through the field of 32 to face each other in the finals. It will be the "Dawg Pound" vs the "Dog Killer" as the Cleveland Browns running back Peyton Hillis goes up against Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick for the honor of becoming the Madden 12 cover athlete.