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Caption This! #5

One more round of Caption This! has come and gone.  This time, it was a blowout of a win.  Hit the jump to find out who ran away with the victory, the runner-up, the rules to Caption This!, and this week's picture.

Caption This! #4 Champion: AlaskanCard

Caption: Best vs. Bust

It's amazing what one letter can do

Honorable Mention:

2nd Place: These3words

Caption: Kurt Warner tries to think of something nice to say while watching Brian St. Pierre practice his release. Matt Leinart is confused as to why a Quarterback would have to practice.

Congratulations to AlaskanCard and These3words (Quick note, AlaskanCard's caption received 9 rec's, which is a record, if I'm not mistaken).  And of course, remember, even though they're the champions for last week's round, you can still win this week's round, and the following round's.  Every week gives you another opportunity to win, and another opportunity to get your name on the table (Yeah, still working on it, give me some time).

The rules of Caption This!:

  • Write a caption for the featured picture. It can be what the player(s) are thinking, saying, or just your caption for the scene.
  • If you view the post, vote for someone else's caption. You can do this by selecting actions>rec underneath the person's comment. The more votes we get, the more competitive the game will be.
  • Your name will be added to the list with the total number of votes and weeks you've won.
Here is this week's picture:


Left: Tiki Barber, Right: Larry Fitzgerald

If you'd like to view last week's Caption This!click here.

Good luck!