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NFC West Roundup: The 49ers Trading Down, Safety Issues in St. Louis, Ryan Mallett visit the 'Hawks and The Rams Trading Up

Now that teams are starting to schedule more workouts with draft prospects, look to see more links regarding our NFC West opponents looking at players many have heard of, such as Nick Fairley and Ryan Mallett.

2011 NFL Draft: The 49ers And Trading The Seventh Overall Pick - Niners Nation
This link discusses whether or not the San Francisco 49ers should trade down in the draft in order to acquire more picks, while still being able to pick up some very useful talent. The writer is against the notion of trading down, for he believes that Prince Amukamara is the answer at cornerback for many years to come. These seem to be the same thoughts that Joe had when picking Amukamara in the ROTB community mock draft. He is a safe pick with little bust potential and a high ceiling, as stated by the writer. If the 49ers do end up trading their seventh pick, players like Phil Taylor, Aldon Smith and Akeem Ayers would be good options for them to amp up the pass rush and create a more solid defensive line. With Amukamara, they have a #1 corner and a very strong secondary. 


Nick Fairley to visit eight of top 10 teams | National Football Post
Nick Fairley services are still being inquired about, so he will be visiting every team with a top ten draft pick sans the Dallas Cowboys and your Arizona Cardinals. It makes sense that the Cardinals would show little to no interest in him, considering they just drafted Dan Williams at nose tackle in the first round of last year’s draft. With a visit to the San Francisco 49ers scheduled, new head coach Jim Harbaugh may be looking for a new anchor on his defensive line. With a player like that, whichever quarterback ends up starting for Arizona will always have to look out for that behemoth. Beanie Wells and Tim Hightower will have a much more difficult time running the ball up the middle with Fairley there as well.


Is safety a big need for the Rams? - Turf Show Times

Turf Show Times discusses the need of a safety after the recent, "divorce" between the Saint Louis Rams and O.J. Atogwe. The group of safeties that they currently have on the roster is not the strongest to say the least and it is certainly not comparable to the great safety corps we have on the Arizona Cardinals. So with poor safety play, the secondary could be wide open barring the Cardinals obtaining a decent quarterback. Unless the Rams feel Craig Dahl and James Butler are the answer, they will probably be drafting a defensive back in one of the earlier rounds. If not, they may be prepared to give up some deep yardage throws.


2011 NFL Draft: 49ers Getting A Look At Iowa's Ricky Stanzi - Niners Nation

As many would assume, the San Francisco 49ers will be taking a good look at many of the quarterbacks in the draft, Rick Stanzi being one. Stanzi’s height is 6-4, he weighs roughly 225 pounds and his short range accuracy is second to none. As the writer at Niners Nation suggests, Stanzi’s difficulties lie in his decision making and intermediate to deep throws. Due to this, he is expected to be a third round selection, but his draft stock could improve before the draft comes about. Coming out of Iowa, I believe Stanzi is part of the project group of quarterbacks in this draft. Stanzi reminds me a bit of Matt Leinart, as they are about the same size and have a similar skill set where they are able to make great short range throws, but they may struggle on the deep pass. The Arizona Cardinals would not have to deal with Stanzi for a year or two if the 49ers do draft him, but if he works on his arm strength among other things, watch out.


2011 mock draft imagines a trade up for the Rams - Turf Show Times

Could the Rams really trade up to grab Julio Jones? That is the question in this link over at Turf Show Times, where a mock from National Football Post suggests the Rams trading up to #10 (Washington’s pick). Discussion of what it would cost is where things become sticky. Would it be a swap of first rounders and then the Rams also giving up a third round pick? Could they pay a bit less? In my opinion, if they could swap their first round picks and only give up a fourth rounder or less, this could be a great trade up for the Rams. As seen on the ROTB Community vs. Writers Mock Draft, Julio Jones is being selected by the Washington Redskins at #10 anyhow. This idea is very feasible, so Washington may not even want to trade their pick at all. We all know what Julio Jones is capable of, so let’s just hope Shanahan will pick him up so that we don’t have to deal with him in the NFC West.


Around the Interwebs: Ryan Mallett to Visit the Hawks - Field Gulls

So what’s new… another NFC West team is scheduling a private workout with a quarterback prospect. Ryan Mallett is the potential late first round pickup being tested by the Seattle Seahawks and his potential is promising. Armed with a slingshot for an arm and a temper to go along with it, Mallett is often compared to Philip Rivers. Being a very competitive player, Mallett will be either a late first round pick or he will go in the early second round. As far as the Arizona Cardinals are concerned, I would not mind them picking him up if he is still there in the second round. I always liked him at Arkansas and I think his game will translate quite well to the NFL. What do you think ROTB members? Would you like to see Mallett in a Cardinals uniform?