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NFL Team Destruction/Construction: Detroit Lions Are Least Hated Team

It is now complete. It took 42 days, but Arizona Cardinals fans have made their voices heard and they have eliminated 30 of 31 teams. The 31st team had one point left, but the goal of the game was already met. We sought out to find where we as Cardinals fans rank the rest of the NFL in terms of hate. We now have a list of teams from most hated to least hated. The awards are:

Most hated team: San Francisco 49ers (No surprise here)

Most supported team: Baltimore Ravens (They reached as high as 48 points, I believe. There is hate, but they had the most actions to build)

Most irrelevant (or least hated) team: Detroit Lions (We didn't even feel strongly enough to eliminate them -- they were left with one point left.)

Now that this is over, we can go back to complaining about things that we always did. But do chime in give your thoughts as to whether this order is correct. The official order is below.

San Francisco 49ers ELIMINATED #1

Pittsburgh Steelers ELIMINATED #2

Dallas Cowboys ELIMINATED #3

Seattle Seahawks ELIMINATED #4

Oakland Raiders ELIMINATED #5

New England Patriots ELIMINATED #6

New York Jets ELIMINATED #7

Indianapolis Colts ELIMINATED #8

Philadelphia Eagles ELIMINATED #9

St. Louis Rams ELIMINATED #10

Minnesota Vikings ELIMINATED #11

Washington Redskins ELIMINATED #12

Chicago Bears ELIMINATED #13

New Orleans Saints ELIMINATED #14

New York Giants ELIMINATED #15

San Diego Chargers ELIMINATED #16

Green Bay Packers ELIMINATED #17

Denver Broncos ELIMINATED #18

Tennessee Titans ELIMINATED #19

Atlanta Falcons ELIMINATED #20

Baltimore Ravens ELIMINATED #21

Cincinnati Bengals ELIMINATED #22

Miami Dolphins ELIMINATED #23

Carolina Panthers ELIMINATED #24

Cleveland Browns ELIMINATED #25

Tampa Bay Buccaneers ELIMINATED #26

Buffalo Bills ELIMINATED #27

Kansas City Chiefs ELIMINATED #28

Jacksonville Jaguars ELIMINATED #29

Houston Texans ELIMINATED #30