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NFL Lockout: Could New Players Lawsuit Get A Deal Done Faster?

Coming on the heels of finding out that there will be no mediation hearings until the middle of May, there has been a new development. In addition to the current player lawsuit, the one that includes plaintiffs Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Drew Brees, there may soon be a second lawsuit by another group of 70 players.

Reportedly, there are a large group of "mid-tiered" NFL players that were very upset that talks broke off and that with no certified union in place. They want to be represented and the negotiating table. The lawsuit would ideally allow them to be a part of any future mediation or negotiating. 

Why does this matter and is it a good thing?

To start, it could be a good thing because it may mean that the players are losing their unity. While this may not be great for them, it would mean that they would collectively be more likely to cave in to the owners demands. There would be an agreement in place, which would end the lockout and then football would happen.

As for why it matters, it shows that not all the players agree with how things are being handled. The plaintiffs of the current lawsuit have earned over $400 million dollars in their careers. They could more easily weather a long work stoppage. The new players seeking to be part of the negotiating are obviously not part of that group. 

Now, would having three parties together negotiating be better off? seems unlikely because then there would be three entities to consider, rather than just two.

In the end, really the only thing it means is that if there are two player organizations that means there is disagreement and that will only strengthen the owners' position. 

In the end, it isn't as if we collectively care about the specific sides. All we care about is getting a deal in place because that is the one thing that means football will be around the corner.