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2011 NFL Draft: The Key to Netting Von Miller

So I have been thinking... most mock drafts that are up around the web now have Von Miller going to the Bills with the third overall pick. I know many of us here at ROTB are fans of Miller due to his ability to rush the passer and our lack of depth at the outside linebacker position. So I started going over every possible scenario that would lead to the Arizona Cardinals being able to draft Von Miller this coming Thursday. After many attempts, I only see a few (barring that none of the top five picks are traded away). This one, to me, seems like the most plausible way.

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Since the Bills seemingly have their sights set on Miller, it would take a player that is thought to go higher than him to change the Bills' minds. Cam Newton is a risk, but like many teams, Buffalo needs some help at the quarterback position. If Cam Newton is somehow able to fall to the third pick and not go to the Carolina Panthers like most suggest he will, I believe that Chan Gailey and Buddy Nix would take a hard look at him as a potential franchise quarterback.

For Newton to drop, the Panthers would need to see a game changing and dynamic player. I believe that player could be Marcell Dareus. Dareus is a defensive tackle out of Alabama that has all the skills to transition and be an elite player at the NFL level. He disrupts the passing and run game and would be a perfect fit in new head coach Ron Rivera's 4-3 defense.

So let's see what we have so far. Dareus to the Panthers? Check. Newton to the Bills at number three? Check. But whom could the Broncos possibly select? The thought is that they would have selected Dareus with the second overall pick once Newton went to Carolina. Also, head coach John Fox has already given his praises to Von Miller and his abilities and could possibly draft him even though the Broncos are transitioning back to a 4-3 defense. Also, Elvis Dumervil should be returning from injury, which will amp up the pass rush considerably. But there is one more player that Fox could be enticed to select. 

Mel Kiper, Jr. calls this guy the "best overall player in the draft." Patrick Peterson has it all: the speed, the smarts, the return ability on punts and the big play ability after he picks off the opposing quarterback. Champ Bailey isn't getting any younger and with his new contract, he could be a great tutor to Patrick Peterson. So Peterson to the Broncos makes sense, so only the Bengals remain. 

I don't really see the Cincinnati Bengals selecting Von Miller with Blaine Gabbert and A.J. Green still on the board. Carson Palmer wants out, Terrell Owens is not going to return, and Chad Ochocinco's future is in flux. All of these players will leave massive holes behind to an already hemorrhaging team. A.J. Green at this slot would really fit a need and it definitely would not be a reach for a receiver of his caliber.

So there you have it, with that draft order, Rod Graves and Ken Whisenhunt will undoubtedly select Von Miller with the fifth pick. Maybe I am being too wishful and optimistic, but anything is possible. I know that there are other scenarios with or without trades that Miller could possibly fall to the Cardinals, so please list your top 5 draft order below and feel free to comment!