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Tweet, Tweet: The Arizona Cardinals On Twitter (4/24)

As with each Sunday, we gather some of the stuff that the Arizona Cardinals are saying on Twitter and we have you vote on the best tweets. Last week, Larry Fitzgerald had the most popular tweet of the week. He was thrilled with the workouts of his teammates, tweeting, "LOVE hearing that #Birdgang out practicing on their own! Dominance in 2011!."

His tweet got 34 percent of the vote.

This week there was a lot of NBA Playoff tweeting. That stuff was mostly boring. After the jump we have this week's best tweets. Vote for your favorite. Don't forget to follow the Arizona Cardinals Twitter list.

A.J. Jefferson (@Mr_AriesEgo), a late season pick up by the Cardinals tweets this, apparently for fun becaus ethere did not seem to be a context:

Winner Winner. F*** chicken, im gettin the lobster n shrimp dinner. Lol

Twitter entertainer Darnell Dockett (@ddockett), commenting on his workout:

If yall would have saw this workout I just did , yall would think I'm trying to get in the NFL or get a new contract! I'm never satisfied!

Safety Hamza Abdullah (@HamzaAbdullah21), commenting on the number of reality TV shows, again, with an unknown context:

How many people have reality shows on TV now? #ThereAintThatMuchRealityInTheWorld

Receiver Steve Breaston (@sbreaston15), commenting on something that was rather thought provoking:

People think I'm underrated, I'm just under the radar... -S.P-

Fullback Reagan Maui'a (@Reagan_Mauia45), responding to someone's comment on hating having to work out legs:

RT @g3rm5az: @Reagan_Mauia45 I hate legs~ We are in the same club. But somebody's gotta do em. Can't pancake linebackrs w/ #ScronyChicknLegs