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Mock Draft Madness: What Do You Think?

With the draft coming up in a few days I know that I always enjoy putting up my own "big board" and trying to predict who teams will take.

Being that 32 picks will take a while I thought it would be fun to produce a top ten mock draft with anything allowed. Well except trading players being that no CBA will be in place for the draft.

Post your top ten!

So here is my top ten mock draft:

1. Carolina - Marcell Dareus. They already have an overpaid QB in Clausen. Carolina will go with the "safe" pick.

2. Devner - Patrick Peterson. Denver really, really wants Dareus but will settle with the best CB to come out of college since Showtime. While it isn't a certainty, Peterson is worth the risk.

3. Buffalo - Von Miller. AZ fans riot. Buffalo believes in Fitzpatrick and addresses one of "safest" picks in the draft.

4. Cincinnati - AJ Green. Both the drama queens are leaving the team and Cincy has a new OC. Mike Brown is also to stubborn and doesn't believe Carson will retire.

5. Arizona - Robert Quinn. Needing an infusion of talent at LB, AZ takes a risk. While Quinn has some concerns, his potential is All-Pro level. AZ wants to trade back, but top ten trades just don't happen.

6. Cleveland - Julio Jones. Colt McCoy looks like he could be the real deal. With the running threat of Peyton Hillis a WR will greatly help their offense.

7. San Fransisco - Prince Amukamara. The Niners have the makings of a great D but are missing players in their secondary. Harbaugh believes he can make do with Smith so no QB. 

8. Tennessee - Blaine Gabbert. While I think the QB's this year are greatly overrated, Tennessee has a good team in place that is just waiting on a QB to show up. This is a good pairing.

9. Dallas - Tyron Smith. Not a typical pick for Jerry Jones but Colombo was horrible last season and their D is pretty good (on paper at least) and underperformed. Tyron Smith is arguably the best tackle prospect in the draft. Though I am way of USC players and not for the ML reasons. They just don't seem to pan out in the NFL.

10. Washington - Cam Newton. Washington needs a QB and Shanahan believes himself to be a QB guru. He is also a strict coach and should keep the kids ego in check.