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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Cardinals Projected To Trade Down

With the 2011 NFL Draft happening this week, and the final mock drafts are being completed. SB Nation has published its second to last mock draft projections, this time including projected trades. In this version, the Cardinals do not draft a quarterback, Miller or Patrick Peterson. They are one of the players in the draft day trades.

So where do they now pick, whom do they select and what other picks do they get?

In these projections, the Arizona Cardinals could draft Patrick Peterson, as he is available at number five. However, they trade down to the ninth pick, allowing the Dallas Cowboys to get Peterson. The Cardinals get the number nine and number 40 pick in this year's draft, while the Cowboys get the Cardinals' number five pick this year and their 2012 third round pick.

With the ninth pick, Arizona selects USC OT Tyron Smith. Here is the explanation:

After moving down from No. 5, the Cardinals missed out on quality at the rush linebacker position, but can address that area with one of their two second-round picks. Smith is a potentially elite left tackle prospect, and OT is a really underrated need for the Cardinals.

I don't love the pick because they would be passing on Peterson, who may be the best player in this year's draft, but I don't hate the pick. 

Obviously this could be an upgrade for the offensive line. Levi Brown could either move inside to guard or over to right tackle and replace Brandon Keith

With two high second round selections, this would then allow them to add more players or to perhaps creep back into the first round and grab a player they really want.

However, the idea of trading down reminds me too much of the last time it happened, when the team passed on Terrell Suggs. Peterson is likely to be a player of that type of impact. But it obviously would upgrade a devastating need and they still could get players that will impact the team in 2011.