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2011 NFL Draft: Making Final Arizona Cardinals Draft Prediction

Brought to you by Valvoline, we take another look at the first round of the draft and what may be the final results of the draft this week. To do so we need to review some of the rumors and possibilities there are. What makes the prediction so hard for the Cardinals is the fact that they have so many needs that it is hard to pinpoint one player in particular.

The latest rumors have the Cardinals trading down to get an offensive lineman. Another report has the Cardinals drafting receiver A.J. Green and that the team tried to move up and get Dez Bryant a year ago.

My predictions still come down to this. I think the quarterbacks will be gone.

That leaves either Marcell Dareus, Von Miller, Patrick Peterson and A.J Green at the top as the highest players on the draft board. Someone will be available.

My money would be on Miller and Dareus being the first two defensive players taken off the board. That would leave Green or Peterson available.

If you were to look at need, receiver would be a higher priority than cornerback.

The other possibility is that the Cardinals move down. It was Rod Graves himself that discussed the topic of gaining more picks. This, along with the other projections are definite possibilities, but I don't see them moving down rather than taking Peterson.

So while there is some new information out there, my thoughts have not changed. My prediction is that Arizona drafts Peterson and teams him up with Greg Toler and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, as he is possibly the best player in the entire draft.

The last time the Cardinals drafted the best player available, regardless of position was when Larry Fitzgerald was drafted. That worked very well. I would expect the same thing with Peterson.

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