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Talking 2011 NFL Draft And Arizona Cardinals On South Carolina Radio

I posted this as a link, but I am not sure if anyone could hear it. Last week I was on Southern Sports Now with Jonas Mount and Big Ben, a radio program in Charleston, South Carolina. I was invited on to discuss the 2011 NFL Draft and the Arizona Cardinals (obviously). The lockout came up and how it is affecting the quarterback situation here.

Most of what we talked about is not new. In fact, you probably have read much of what I said. I discussed how I don't believe that the Cardinals will go with a quarterback with the fifth pick. We discussed the Cardinals defense and some of the needs that are there.

The team's "window closing" was brought up and I addressed what that meant to me.

I think I took them by surprise when I talked about Jake Locker, but you already have read about that.

They put my feet to the fire and made me predict the pick for the Cards. You know who I picked. I'm pretty consistent with that sort of thing.

Anyhow, take a listen to the interview if you had not already. Feel free to agree or disagree.

Note: Between the two parts, it appears that part of the interview was missed. I was asked about Robert Quinn and I had commented about Von Miller's likely availability.

ROTB on SSN in SC part 1
ROTB on SSN in SC part 2