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2011 NFL Mock Draft: NFL Network Experts Disagree On Cardinals Pick

With the 2011 NFL Draft just a day away, we can scour the Internet to find new projections and mock drafts. Whether it be Mel Kiper, Todd McShay or an average joe blogger out in cyberspace, you can always find some draft projections. and NFL Network analysts have all put together recent projections, and there is a split when it comes to the Arizona Cardinals.

The five experts that made their picks are Steve Wyche, Pat Kirwan, Bucky Brooks, Brian Baldinger and Charles Davis. The five of them were in complete unison with their first three picks. They all had Cam Newton going first to the Panthers, followed by Marcell Dareus going to the Broncos and Von Miller going to the Bills

Only Wyche strayed from the group with their fourth pick. The rest had A.J. Green being selected by the Bengals, while he projected a surprise. Wyche has Nick Fairley going to Cincinnati. 

As for the Cardinals, three have Patrick Peterson becoming their first selection, while the other two see a quarterback. Blaine Gabbert is projected by Baldinger and Davis to become the new future franchise QB for Arizona. 

Peterson seems to have become a popular pick in mock drafts for the Cardinals and Gabbert keeps coming up because of the current quarterback situation and because of the visit the team made, which included Michael Bidwell. 

Obviously, at least two will be wrong. At that point we can all mock the ones who erred in their guesses projections.