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2011 NFL Draft Open Thread: It's Draft Day!

No this is not technically a game thread, but the 2011 NFL Draft is not a real game. Sure many of us will be gathered together in different spots to find out what is going on in the first round. The mock drafts have been completed. Some of us have put our pride on the line for a certificate of draft expertness. Will it be a quarterback? Will the Cardinals select Patrick Peterson? Will Von Miller actually be available? Will the team trade down? Will there be player trades?

All of these possibilities lead to a little bit of excitement and we can get at least on a small scale our football jones. So join the conversation and after the jump check out a couple of reminders for thread decorum

This is my first experience with the "game thread", so bear with me. General community rules apply, however I will be lax on the language. The one thing I don't want, as always, is making personal attacks on community members. Other than that, have at it. If you need anything from me at all, you know my email or you can click the link. I'll be online all evening doing coverage here and for SB Nation Arizona.