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Von Miller Only A 2011 NFL Draft Day Dream For Cardinals Fans

The 2011 NFL Draft is tonight and the rumors are abounding. Reports are starting to surface about which players are getting selected by what teams. According to pretty much everywhere you read, it is believed that Cam Newton will be the number one pick overall. What will make Cardinals fans sad is the latest report out of Denver regarding their selection at number two.

According to the Denver Post, linebacker Von Miller "is the only player the Broncos are considering" with their pick. What that means for Cardinals fans is that the player that they seem to covet the most will be long gone.

This is not a surprise, really. While we all have wanted Miller to fall to the Cardinals, it has been a while that the mock drafts have him going either to the Broncos or the Buffalo Bills

But these latest reports still sting because he seems to be an absolutely perfect fit for the Cardinals. They need an elite pass rusher at OLB and he is potentially that player. He not only fits the mold, but he fills a great need. 

With Miller out of the picture, we all now will ask if the Cardinals will take Patrick Peterson, Blaine Gabbert or if they will trade down. We will find out tonight. We will keep you posted.