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2011 NFL Draft Results: Reacting To The Patrick Peterson Selection

A collective sigh of of relief could be felt in the draft day thread and it was certainly happening here at the Root home. With the number five pick, Cardinals fans feared a repeat of 2003, when the Cardinals, instead of drafting pass rushing freak Terrell Suggs, they traded down and selected Bryant Johnson and Calvin Pace. Suggs went on to be a fine player and the Cardinals' two players did not. Johnson is a journeyman at best and Pace, when healthy is pretty good.

Instead, we have shades of 2004, when the Cardinals took Larry Fitzgerald with the third pick overall when they already had a solid wide receiver and many other needs. Arizona now has needs at quarterback, on the offensive line and in the linebacking corp, but Peterson was by far the best player available.

I love the pick. I thought it was what would happen for some time. Others love the pick.

Skip Bayless calls the selection a "STEAL."

Darnell Dockett reacted positively Twitter:

"Great Pick! Patrick Peterson! I told yall who we was gonna get! I known him 4two years he works hard and plays hard! GREAT PICK COACH WHIZ!"

What do you have to say? How soon will he start? Will he return kicks or punts?