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Poll: What Impact Will Patrick Peterson Have?

It's been a little while since the selection of Patrick Peterson by the Arizona Cardinals in the 2011 NFL Draft with the fifth pick in the draft. You all know my feelings. You know what Darnell Dockett thinks of it. Cardinals defensive coordinator Ray Horton is pleased with Peterson's skillset, stating that he transitions well with the ball in the air from a DB to WR.

I imagine the reaction will be positive, but go ahead and react the Cardinals' selection. In terms of excitement, which previous first round player do you compare him to? Are you Larry Fitzgerald excited? Maybe Dan Williams or DRC excited? How about Levi Brown or Leonard Davis? Perhaps you equate the pick with the two-headed selections of Calvin Pace and Bryant Johnson. Or maybe you think he will contribute at a level of Antrel Rolle or even Matt Leinart.

The choice is yours. Make your vote count now! The community counts on it.