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2011 NFL Draft, Rounds 2-3 Open Thread

The Arizona Cardinals made most of us very happy Thursday evening with their selection of LCU CB Patrick Peterson with their first round selection. the way most see it is that the team picked up a number one talent at number five. They upgrade their defensive backfield and potentially their return game. While there was a little bit of talk to suggest that the team would attempt to move back into the first round, that never did happen.

Now today, starting at 6PM ET/3PM Arizona time (because that is the time that matters around here) the second and third rounds of the draft will occur and the Cardinals have the 38th (the 6th pick in the 2nd round) and the 69th (5th in the 3rd round) overall selections. Which direction will the go? Will they attempt to upgrade their pass rush or their linebacking corp in general? Is a QB in the cards? Will they go for a tight end? Join the conversation and enjoy the ride.

Remember, we are lax on the language, but no personal attacks. I won't be around for the whole thing (I'm a Cubmaster and have to help run a Cub Scout thing tonight), but if you run across anything you need, tweet me at @happytrappedfan and I will get it on my phone.