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Poll: What Impact Will Ryan Williams Have With the Arizona Cardinals?

Well folks, the writing may be on the wall for one of the Cardinals running backs. The question is, have the Cardinals given up on Beanie Wells already? Are they ready to let Tim Hightower leave and explore free agency? Injuries, fumbling and a possible lack of ambition may show the door to Wells, while the lockout and asking price of Hightower may see him on to another team.

Ryan Williams gives all indications that he is the anti-Wells. He never fumbles and he is a guy you can run down after down and get good yards out of. He simply reminds me of Jamaal Charles from the Kansas City Chiefs.

The one question I have is towards his health. Many people believe that he will wear down very fast due to his running style and the injury bug has already been a problem. This is exactly the problem with Beanie Wells, so I along with everyone else will have to make sense of this. Maybe Ken Whisenhunt is more disappointed with talent or work ethic than anything else.

The reactions are definitely mixed as of right now, so the only thing we can do with a pick like this is to wait and see.

So far, the Cardinals have not addressed any of their major needs, so it will be interesting to see what they do in the third round, or if they trade back into the second.

So Revenge of the Birds members, what impact will Ryan Williams have on the Arizona Cardinals this upcoming season?