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2011 NFL Draft Results: Cardinals Look For Offensive Talent Again With TE Rob Housler

Yet again, a surprise (to some) for the Cardinals. Most of us were expecting a pass rusher after the very surprising pick of Virgina Tech Running Back Ryan Williams, and now the Cardinals have taken Tight End Rob Housler from Florida Atlantic. I still think getting some form of Pass Rusher was the move the Cardinals should have gone with, but Housler is an interesting choice and Tight End was also a need although not as much of a need as a Linebacker was. He projects more as a receiver for whoever the Cardinals wind up using as their Quarterback this year, but he is not known as a good blocker. Looks like the Cardinals finally have a receiving Tight End if this pick pans out.

Housler had one of the top 40 yard dash times among Tight Ends with a 4.55, and with his pass catching ability he could help take some pressure off of Larry Fitzgerald in the Cardinals passing offense. He was also pretty productive for Florida Atlantic over his final two years with the team where he caught 32 passes for 519 yards and Four Touchdowns in 2008 and 39 passes for 629 yards and Four Touchdowns in 2010. 


Now, lets see if the Cardinals will finally look at a Pass Rusher when the Draft continues tomorrow, or they could trade up into the third round if anyone they like is still around.