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Poll: How Do You Think Robert Housler Will Fit In With the Arizona Cardinals?

The Cardinals have been looking for a tight end for a long time and it looks like Ken Whisenhunt has finally found his guy in Robert Housler, TE, Florida Atlantic. Not only does he fill a position that Whisenhunt has been looking for, but he also comes from a small school which Whisenhunt likes as well. So how will he fit in?

Ben Patrick is no longer under contract, Jim Dray is still young and raw and Stephen Spach just doesn't seem to be the answer. The one thing we know is, Housler knows how to catch the ball. He did not play during 2009, but he averaged over 16 yards per catch in 2008 and 2010.

Housler is also the definition of durable, missing only one game during the 2006 season. He is a mature person and a big target with 4.46 speed, so choosing him not only fit a need, but it looks to be a great selection on paper.

The Housler selection does confuse me in one way though. He is by all means a receiving tight end, not a premiere blocker. So if the choice of Ryan Williams was meant to show that we are turning towards a major running game, why would the Arizona Cardinals draft another receiver? Again, I am sure our front office has a plan, but finding out what it will be is another question for another day.

For now, what do you think Cardinals fans? How will Robert Housler fair in Arizona and who would you compare him to as a third round pick/tight end in the NFL?