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Tweet, Tweet: The Best Of The Arizona Cardinals On Twitter (4/3)

There is a new addition to the Cardinals Twitter feed. As I went through trying to find the Cardinals players (and Kurt Warner, because we all wish he still were a player), I ran across a profile for John Skelton. His tweets looked like it could be him, but he was not verified, as Twitter does for public figures. Anyway, I asked the gurus of all things Cardinals (Kent Somers and Darren Urban) if they knew. Both responded that they didn't.

I was eating lunch on Saturday before heading over to watch ASU practice and I got a tweet telling me @johnskelton19 is real. Who was it? His sister, @_sarah_skelton_ ! So that is my strange twitter story of the week.

As for the tweets by the players, it was a little on the boring side. The guys are playing lots of hoops and they watched the Final Four games on Saturday. Larry Fitzgerald is in Africa and Darnell Dockett is obsessed with Oprah Winfrey.

Vote for the tweet of the week after reading them. (Note: Dockett's tweet is a little on the shady side)

Darnell Dockett (@ddockett) on Kurt Warner playing basketball, telling Fitzgerald this:

@LarryFitzgerald aye if Kurt can play B-Ball he can play football! *side eye*

Kurt Warner (@kurt13warner) on his knees:

Rehabbing knees w/ numerous other athletes, Why do they instantly get a smile on their face when I tell them I have tendinitis from dancing?

Darnell Dockett again on an Oprah tweet:

RT: @Oprah I had a great time last night, I'm kinda sore! <----- I know babe me too, I can't believe you still that flexible ;-) owwww

A.J. Jefferson (@ariesego) on a personal accomplishment

I know the base playbook front to back. Modestly.

Trumaine McBride (@TruMcBride) on his job situation, answering a fan who had a question:

I sell lemonade RT @Zac_Nicholson: @TruMcBride for my paper. what is ur job since there is a lockout