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2011 NFL Draft Open Thread, Rounds 4-7

After Friday's second and third rounds of the 2011 NFL draft, most of the Cardinals fans were bewildered, at least at first. The selection of Patrick Peterson in the first round was seen as heaven sent. The drafting of running back Ryan Williams got initial negative reactions, but some of us have warmed to the pick. The third round selection of Robert Housler confused everyone initially. 

Now the stretch run of the draft begins, starting bright and early for us in Arizona. Rounds 4-7 of the draft begin 10AM EST (7AM for us). With a selection in the fourth, fifth, and seventh round and two picks in the sixth, there is still a chance that the Cardinals actually address their biggest needs. So far, of the supposed needs the team has, only tight end was addressed. At cornerback and at running back, upgrading is nice, but was not seen by most as a priority.

This part of the draft is for the hard core fan. At this point, most of the players we are familiar with are off the board. Ken Whisenhunt has had a good run of drafts in the late rounds. Steve Breaston, LaRod Stephens-Howling, Tim Hightower and Brandon Keith all were taken in the fifth round or later. 

Enjoy this last part of the draft. With the lockout back in effect, it will be the last real good football talk we will get for a while.