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Appeals Court Grants Temporary Stay: NFL Lockout Back In Effect

Friday evening it became official again and it was in fact the same information that had been rumored would happen earlier in the day. The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals granted the NFL a stay of the injunction that Judge Nelson granted to lift the lockout. That means that the lockout is back in effect just one day after the league said that it would open up facilities and communication to the players.

While many of us were anxiously awaiting the beginning of player movement, which likely would have begun after the weekend, many feared exactly what it would look like with no rules in place for the teams. In fact, it could end up having hurt teams, depending on how things turn out with whatever agreement eventually comes from negotiations. 

The thing is that now, with the league fight to keep the lockout in place, more and more public sentiment is shifting to the players.

Now, just to be clear, the stay is temporary. The Court granted it pending hearing the players' side, which should happen Monday. It is likely that by the end of next week we will know if the lockout will continue. 

Regardless of the outcome of these court hearings, we should all be looking forward to May 16, when mediation resumes. It is in these talks that a new CBA will come about, and that is what will ensure that there is football and a good set of rules under which the teams can operate.