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Randy Moss Possibly To Rams? Good For Cardinals

You have to love the speculation that goes on in the offseason. It is even worse because nothing can even happen and technically no team can even have discussions about player personnel. Normally we have been spending a lot of our ROTB reading and discussion time conjuring up quarterback scenarios and taking in the new NFL rumors. This time we look at a rumor dealing with the rival (but not hated) St. Louis Rams. There is some chatter going around that St. Louis is a possible landing spot for the enigmatic wide receiver Randy Moss. Pro Football Talk also have him possibly ending up in New England again or on the Jets

I would have to welcome a move to the Rams. Why? Sure, he is just two years  removed from 1200+ yards receiving and he, when paired up with Tom Brady, was as dynamic a passing tandem the league has ever seen. But did you see him last year?

The most recent version of Randy Moss was one that had three teams give up on him -- the Patriots, the Minnesota Vikings and the Tennessee Titans.

St. Louis is a team in need of quality targets for their young phenom of a QB in Sam Bradford, but it would be unswise to go that route. Bradford is still developing and needs to learn how to spread the ball around. Moss is the type of receiver that demands the ball. And if he is not being thrown to, he is not able to do much else. Basically, if Moss is not catching the ball, he's pretty much not worth the paper of the contract he would have signed. 

We saw what happened in Cincinnati with a veteran quarterback and a newly acquired "diva" of a WR in Terrell Owens. Before his arrival, they were a division winning team whose offense was based on ball control and running. Carson Palmer found himself targeting TO a lot, even when it was wiser at times not to. The Bengals fell to 4-12.

Production? He wasn't much last year and his Patriots team got markedly better offensively without him as their deep threat.

I'm not saying that I would complain if the Rams signed Randy Moss. In fact, I welcome it from a Cardinals fan perspective. It would be fun to see the eventual implosion or drama created. With the addition of Patrick Peterson, perhaps we have less to fear, even if he Moss were to return to form. But even still, adding a potential cancer is normally not a sound way to build a young football team.

But if they choose to do that, who are we to say it's a bad idea. We are only friends.