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No Worries, No League Shutdown...Yet

It was just yesterday morning when the rumor/speculation/idea was thrown out into the open for discussion was about how the NFL might possibly shut down the league if the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the injunction disallowing the current NFL lockout. In a way, it kind of makes sense. If the courts rule that you cannot legally lockout the fake NFLPA (now the NFL Players Trade Association), then the way to get the same results of leverage is to close up shop.

There is no law against closing a business, so the players could no longer sue. 

This got more than a few fans here on ROTB a bit upset. It does seem crazy that a bunch of rich people can't divvy up $9 billion.

Well, good news!

Peter King, in his latest column, reveals that he spoke with some ownership sources about this rumor of an NFL shutdown. He learns that King's bringing up the topic was the first time they had even heard of that (previous years).

So, rest assured that if the appeals court says to lift the lockout, there will be no more lockout. 

That is, unless now these ownerships sources take the idea up to management and then they all agree that it would be a good idea and they do it anyway. 

Here, we will just continue hoping that the lockout does end soon and we can start focusing on what really matters -- getting ready for the 2011 NFL season.