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New Cardinals Draftee Sam Acho Now In Arizona

Just a couple days after he has a quick blurb about him on the home page of ROTB, Cardinals fourth round pick Sam Acho found his way into town to workout with other Arizona Cardinals. It would seem that Acho has not spent a lot of time in Arizona, particularly in the months of our summers. He also reveals another thing about his character that is just special.


Acho was found tweeting just a couple of days ago, trying to get a hold of Calais Campbell so he could get things arranged for working out with the guys. He introduces himself:

@Campbell93 ay wzup bro. Dm me or follow me back so I can Dm you. I'm tryna come up to Zona so I get some work in. I'm new to the #birdgang

The fact he is, on his own, coming out to Arizona to meet his teammates and get some work in shows his maturity as a man. It also shows me he is already familiar with the #birdgang hashtag. Well played.

Cardinals wideout, and 2010 undrafted rookie Max Komar welcomed Acho via Twitter. Acho responds saying he is glad to be here. 

As with all Phoenix area newcomers after about April, Acho has learned about our heat. He tells us about his workout and he noted the heat. The only thing is that Monday was not one of our hotter days. He tweeted:

"Just finished my 1st workout with some guys on the team. AZ is a little hotter than expected, but I'm def glad to be a part of the #birdgang.

"Haha so it seems as if today was not hot at all.. Haha that's what the guy at Jasons Deli said too.."its a cool day"..I gotta get used to it."

I guess he will learn, but, then again, don't we all have to learn? I guess I didn't. I was born and raised in Mesa. Hot was the norm. 

But during a time where there is little good to talk about football-wise, it is refreshing to be able to see a soon-to-be rookie excited to be a part of the team we support.