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5-12-11: Bird Droppings - Kolb, Acho, Behind The Peterson Pick

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Here are your links for today, mainly about Kolb, Acho and there is a video from the Cardinals website that gives a behind the scenes look at drafting Patrick Peterson.

Also, Leinart could be going to the Seahawks if there is a 2011 season.

Cardinals News:

Is the price for Kevin Kolb starting to take shape? -
The Cardinals are interested in Eagles QB Kevin Kolb, that much is clear. What is a bit hazy, though, is what it would take to get him.

Acquiring Kolb is something Jerry would do -
Let me ask you a question. What did you love about Jerry Colangelo? He won you say? Well…he did and he didn't. His Suns and D-backs teams won a lot of games over the years but if you're getting down the brass tax (whatever that means) Jerry's teams only won one championship. All those years, all those teams, one title.

'Kevin Kolb, starting quarterback Arizona Cardinals' -
Most people will admit they aren't sure exactly what the Arizona Cardinals will do when it comes to the quarterback position. Don't count's Adam Schein as one of them.

Word From the Birds Blog - Revisionist history
As we maneuver through the offseason with little new to report, I’ve decided to look at what is old. More specifically, I plan to write a series of intermittent posts on moments/situations in Arizona Cardinals history that wouldn’t be bad to revisit. The idea is that I dig up newspaper articles at the time to show what was being said in the moment and link to them, with a little of my own analysis (and, assuming the moment happened in 2000 or more recent, that gives me a chance to link to my own articles). What I’d like to know from you out there as readers is, what moments/situations would you like to revisit? It doesn’t necessarily have to be a game itself. I have some ideas — I’m trying to think outside the box a little bit — but I know I’m going to be looking for material for the time being. Let me know what you want. I’ve got an idea for the first one. Hopefully that’ll be posted later today or first thing tomorrow.

For Cardinals, two second-round picks may be price for Kevin Kolb | ProFootballTalk
In a sign of how much interest there is in the future of Eagles backup quarterback Kevin Kolb (and how little else is going on in the lockout-plagued NFL), we have another story today speculating on what Philadelphia might fetch in a Kolb trade. First we had the report that the Dolphins think the Eagles want a first-round pick for Kolb, and that Miami wouldn’t give up that much. And now we have a report about what the Cardinals — viewed by many as the favorites to land Kolb — might pay for his services.

Sam Acho Radio Interview: Not Your Normal Jock - Desert Dirt - SB Nation Arizona
Sam Acho, the Cardinals fourth round draft pick out of Texas, is a guy the team hopes will turn out to be a draft steal. He was slotted by most experts as second or third round pick but fell to the Cardinals for reasons that really aren't yet clear. In a radio interview with an ESPN station in Austin, TX, Acho admitted to being disappointed at not going sooner and said that several teams said they would take him and didn't. Acho comes across in the interview as a bright guy who's very committed to his faith and helping the birthplace of his parents. For the past 18 or 19 years, Sam's parents have been making trips to Nigeria to deliver medical aid and other support to their homeland. Sam, who was born in Dallas, TX, said he's made the trip several time himself and always comes back changed.

Chat wrap: Diving into quarterback debates - NFC West Blog - ESPN
chris (mesa az): Hey, Mike, I was just wondering what's your take on a Cardinals-Eagles trade for Kevin Kolb? Do you really think he's worth a first-round pick and maybe a starter of ours? I just don't think he's done enough to show he's worth that much.

Cardinals Charities Golf Tournament
Video Gallery:

All In: Behind the Peterson Pick
Video Gallery:

Arizona Sports News:

Armando Galarraga falters; Arizona Diamondbacks lose series to San Francisco Giants
It was on a West Coast swing a year ago this month that the Diamondbacks' season officially went down the drain, a winless nine-game road trip that sent things spiraling out of control. The Diamondbacks already have more wins on this trip than they did on that one, but after their 4-3 loss to the San Francisco Giants on Wednesday night at AT&T Park, they've dropped back-to-back series, are a season-worst five games under .500 and will be looking to avoid a sweep this afternoon.

Phoenix Coyotes' Don Maloney facing a familiar challenge
With the Coyotes guaranteed at least another year in the Valley after the vote by the Glendale City Council, General Manager Don Maloney faces the familiar challenge - if ownership is not settled - of cobbling together a competitive team under rigid financial constraints.

NFL News:

NFL lockout 2011: NFLPA wants $707M in damages from TV case - ESPN
The NFL's locked-out players asked a federal judge Thursday for at least $707 million in damages stemming from a dispute with the league over $4 billion in broadcast revenue.

Once sure Brett Favre done, Green Bay Packers will retire No. 4 - ESPN
Green Bay Packers president and CEO Mark Murphy said Wednesday the team one day will retire Brett Favre's No. 4 jersey, but the team will wait a few years to make sure the quarterback is retired for good this time.

Ex-Cardinals QB Matt Leinart to the Seattle Seahawks?
So there's a report that the Matt Leinart saga may see another chapter written. The LA Daily News USC blog, written by Scott Wolf, says only "We hear the Seahawks spoke to former USC quarterback Matt Leinart about joining the team next season." This post has been met in the Valley with everything from a roll of the eyes to condescension and criticism. Could Leinart, joined with his USC coach Pete Carroll in Seattle, find a way to resurrect a unanimously disappointing career? I don't know and neither does any media "expert."

John Beck would apparently start over Grossman if Rex re-signs | ProFootballTalk
It’s been almost two weeks since we first heard the idea of John Beck as the next Redskins starting quarterback, and the idea hasn’t lost any steam in Washington. Mike Jones of the Washington Post writes Thursday that Beck appears to be the team’s future starter. Rex Grossman is a free agent, but Jones writes that Grossman would likely return as Beck’s backup if he re-signed.

Report: McNabb refused to wear a wristband with plays | ProFootballTalk
As the marriage between the Redskins and quarterback Donovan McNabb moves toward an inevitable divorce (annulment may be the better word), our friends at the Sports Junkies on 106.7 the Fan in D.C. have added a little grease to the fire.

Leinart To Seahawks? - Inside USC with Scott Wolf
We hear the Seahawks spoke to former USC quarterback Matt Leinart about joining the team next season.