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Rumors Have Matt Leinart Connected To Seattle Seahawks

There is one quarterback that has yet to be connected to the Arizona Cardinals this offseason. It happens to be the guy who many of us think should have been the starter in 2010 -- Matt Leinart. Instead, Leinart spent a year sitting behind second-string QB Dan Orlovsky in Houston. Now, he is a free agent-to-be and it has been reported by Scott Wolf of Insude USC that Leinart had spoken to the Seattle Seahawks about joining the team next season.

Now, like most other reports out there about any quarterback, this "report" is taken with a grain of salt by our friends over at Field Gulls, the Seattle Seahawks blog. But "report" or "rumor," Matt Leinart as a Seachicken Seahawk would make a little bit of sense.

There is the familiarity factor. He would be playing for Pete Carroll again. Carroll loved Leinart. Leinart was wildly successful with Carroll.

Secondly, there is the revenge factor. Can't you imagine how much Leinart would love to come back to the same division as the Cardinals and show Ken Whisenhunt that he made the wrong decision? I would relish the opportunity if it were me.

Now, my question is this. How would fans respond to him? He never really did anything on the field that was particularly special after his rookie year. He was never really particularly endearing to the fans. So how would he be received as a player for a division rival?

Personally, if he were introduced, I would wonder what might have been, but I would neither cheer nor boo, unless he were having a great year. I might boo then out of bitterness.

I know it isn't about the Cardinals exactly. It is a former Cardinal and a division rival. If he were to go there, do you think he would start? Would he be a bench player again? If successful, how would you respond to him in a different uniform?

These are the big questions of the day/hour/whatever, since football is on hold still.