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With Brady Quinn In The Mix For Broncos Starter, Signs Point To Orton Departure

Kyle Orton has been one of the quarterbacks linked to the Arizona Cardinals. In fact, it was reported that the Cardinals had contact with the Broncos about acquiring Orton. It has long been considered likely that Denver was ready to hand the reigns over to Tim Tebow, whom they drafted just a year ago. 

Over at Mile High City, the Broncos fans are reacting to a report that Pro Football Talk heard from Chris Mortenson on ESPN Radio that adds a new wrinkle into their quarterback situation. 

"I can tell you unequivocally that if you talk to John Elway and John Fox," Mortensen said, "they will tell you emphatically that Brady Quinn is absolutely in the mix in terms of the competition for the starting job. They are not handing it to Tim Tebow. They are not handing it to Kyle Orton. They may have a depth chart to start out, but I know in communicating and speaking to both men that Brady Quinn is not forgotten."

This now makes three different reports over the past couple of months. John Elway seems enamored with Tebow. John Fox said that Orton is the starter. Now it seems that Brady Quinn could be in the mix. 

If this is in fact true, it would most certainly mean that Orton's days are numbered with the Broncos

Then again, this could very well be just a way to add some confusion and rein in the chatter that Orton could be had on the cheap. By saying both that Orton will not be handed the job and indicating importance to the team, the Broncos are sending a message that he is available, but that he is still worth something because they will consider him for the starting job. 

For the Cardinals, this is good. In the realm of quarterback trades, having both Orton and Kevin Kolb available will keep the trading price down. Considering some of the seemingly ridiculous trade projections for Kolb, a little bit of leverage will do them a lot of good.