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Tweet, Tweet! The Best Of The Arizona Cardinals On Twitter (5/15)

It's Sunday, so that means it is time to share my favorite tweets that the Cardinals players had during the week. Last week, of the tweets that I gave you guys to vote on, 42 percent liked Darnell Dockett's tweet best:

OK IM DONE WORKING OUT and RUNNING,,,,, aye @VernonDavis85 where ur punk ass at? Do u want to fight me cage match or "ANYWHERE" at that?

So what are the tweets to choose from? Read them after the jump. As always, vote for your favorite and, preferably, tell us all why. Oh, and follow the Cardinals list on the sidebar of the front page.

Larry Fitzgerald (@larryfitzgerald) was particularly positive being here in the land of good weather:

Live, Laugh, Love....Another nice day in sunny az. Is it just me or can nice weather make u think more positively about your day?

Darnell Dockett (@ddockett), sharing something he did for a family member:

I'm so happy for my sister @UnBreAKAble_04 first in the family to graduate from college. I got her a new car and she cried lol I love her.

A.J. Jefferson, sharing something funny that happened to him:

Kid just asked if he can take a pic with my car... im a lil offended he dint want me in the picture. Lmao

The combination of Kurt Warner (@kurt13warner) and Calais Campbell (@campbell93) when Warner talked about how busy he is and Campbell responded with a great idea:

Just synced my Calendar 2 my iphone & lost all my memory space... I figured retirement would free up space! #waytoobusy

@kurt13warner looks like you should just come back and play for a yr or 2...we still have a spot for you...prob have a lil more free time 2

Trumaine McBride (@TruMcBride) sharing something he saw:

I just saw a woman go thru the metal detector sideways because she was too big to go thru str8 ahead Smh