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Arizona Cardinals Punter Getting To Play Football Even In Lockout

During the lockout, NFL players have been finding was to pass time. Chad Ochocinco tried soccer and bull-riding. Reggie Bush is relaxing and doing appearances. Lots of players everywhere are getting together for offseason workouts. There is at least one player on the Arizona Cardinals that still gets to play football. 

According to the Herald Sun, punter Ben Graham, from Australia is participating in the International Federation of American Football world championships, playing for his native Australia. 

Pro Football Talk was very cute in its mocking of Graham because he is a punter.

Australia will be playing in the the same group as the United States.  "It's safe to say that Graham will have plenty of chances to punt," quips PFT. 

I, too, could get snarky about how punters aren't necessarily football players because their job is all about giving the ball to the other team, but Graham has one thing going for him. He gets to play football. 

So while the rest of us are sitting and waiting for courts and judges to make decisions on the future of football, at least Graham, an unorthodox punter, will actually be playing football. 

I am jealous.