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Looking Back At The Derek Anderson Signing And The Community's Reactions

Hindsight is usually, as they say, "20-20." This is especially entertaining in the world of sports and particularly in a blogging community because of the previous comments made reacting to the moves the Cardinals made. Today we will look back at the signing of Derek Anderson to a two-year contract.

Do you remember how you felt when the signing was announced? I'll admit that I had no issue with the signing because I believed that he would only be a backup. But let us take a trip down memory lane and see some of the comments left by many of us...after the jump.

Andrew602 was the first to give his impression in the article. Remember that the Cards were also after Charlie Whitehurst, who later would be traded to the Seattle Seahawks.

ot losing a 3rd round pick and gaining a former pro bowl quarterback sounds good to me.

Here are some of the positive responses:

I actually think DA has something to offer. If you remember his lone Pro Bowl season, he was actually pretty sharp. After watching him for years, he never seems flustered in the pocket or ansy to get rid of the ball I think he's just been trapped on a bad team with poor coaching. The Browns' inability to stick with a starter, and keep one healthy, is taxing too. He's gone from starter, to bench, to starter, to bench, and back to starter again. It's been a bit ridiculous. I'm sure that he has had to switch the practice unit he takes snaps with each time as well - makes it kind of hard to develop a connection with your offense. -- Sundayblitz

Very happy about thisI understand some of the skepticism about Anderson, but compared to what we were looking at for back-up QB's before Cleveland released him was really depressing. At least we don't have an unproven rookie or a washed-up career back-up taking over, should Leinart get hurt. Anderson is still pretty young, at least has one Pro Bowl season on his resume, and has a ton of ability that Coach Miller can work with.

To me, this was easily our best option. -- Long Beach

I like him alsoHe's a big strong armed quarterback who can really throw the ball down the field. Safeties will have to respect that threat unlike with Leinart. My worries is his football IQ and if he can learn the offense. We've all seen what he can do with a legit. receiver. -- lifelongcardsfan

D. Anderson is a stud. When he had the proper tools and fans were behind him, he excelled. He will prove a lot of naysayers wrong when he makes a legitimate push for the starting job. He couldn't help the fact that his recievers dropped balls constantly. -- boogatt66

Great deal! I'm glad we picked up Derek Anderson! He was a Pro-Bowl QB once, has experience, and will do great with the Cardinals. Let's all keep in mind that, even though he wasn't at his best these last few seasons, he was with the Browns. They're not exactly the best team in the NFL. With the Cardinals offense, he should be able to do great things! -- Skii   

Not everyone was sold on him:

I really don't think DA has much to offer really.  -- Jessesb

When I looked at his stats I didn't understand how he even got to the Pro BowlHis Touchdowns and yards were pretty good, but his accuracy was around 56% and he still had a bunch of picks. It makes sense that a bunch of people dropping out helped him get in. -- JoeCB1991

I'm going to do my best to warn you not to get your hopes up. here are DAs stats from 2008 and 2009:
08- 50.2% completions, 5.7 YPA, 9 TD, 8 picks, 66.5 rating
09- 44.5% completions, 4.9 YPA, 3 TD, 10 picks, 42.1 rating

It wasn't just one game. in the weeks after he went 2-17, he went 9-24, 12-29, and 6-17. Sure there were drops, but not that many. 2007 was 3 years ago. he hasn't ven come close to league average since then, and he had never done it in his 3 years before then. The guy is a one year wonder.   -- notthatnoise


So now that a year is in the books and we have seen Anderson and how he "takes this s**t seriously." how do you feel about your predictions. More importantly, how funny are the positive reponses?