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5-16-11: Bird Droppings - Mediation Continues

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Again, I'm not getting a whole lot of Cardinals stuff right now, but Mediation has started up again and hopefully some good developments on the Lockout front will pop up soon. There is another link from ESPN saying we will get Kolb...

Cardinals News:

Lockout can't stifle 49ers-Cards hostility - NFC West Blog - ESPN
The ugly battle between NFL owners and players apparently hasn't taken the edge off rivalries. As one of my Facebook friends pointed out via private message, a recent ESPN video affirms San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis' long-standing feelings toward certain members of the Arizona Cardinals.

Seth Joyner to host high school football clinic in Mesa
Seth Joyner has a bigger picture in mind, but he knows he can't get there without putting the first stroke of paint on the canvas. That's what the former NFL outside linebacker is doing with his first high school football clinic, scheduled for May 21 at Mesa Dobson High.

Insider once again says Kolb will be a Cardinal -
The NFL lockout has yet to be lifted and pretty much nothing has officially happened in the league since last month's draft. That doesn't mean insiders aren't out there breaking ‘news'. On the Monday morning edition of SportsCenter, ESPN NFL analyst Adam Schefter made it clear once again that Kevin Kolb is his pick to be the starting quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals in 2011.

Carson Palmer is on the move -
There's no proof that the Arizona Cardinals have any interest in Carson Palmer or that he'll even be available but that doesn't mean his real estate dealings aren't news. According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Palmer has sold his five bedroom house there.

Flash Points: About those pivotal moments - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Where the NFC West stands in Flash Points balloting, which continues into Wednesday afternoon and seeks to identify key events in franchise history:

Arizona Sports News:

Arizona Diamondbacks take series finale against Los Angeles Dodgers
It wasn't a trip the Diamondbacks will want to remember, but it wasn't a code-red disaster, either, and given the sub-zero temperatures at which their bats currently are residing, the collective sigh of relief was evident in the visitor's clubhouse after Sunday's 4-1 win at Dodger Stadium. It wasn't that they were denying the fact that their 3-6 road trip through San Diego, San Francisco and Los Angeles wasn't bad. It's that they were aware it could have been much worse.

Hill puts aside differences, donates to Rose's school -
Have you ever heard the saying "kill em with kindness"? Phoenix Suns forward Grant Hill certainly has. According to Hill has decided to donate money to a new charter school in Detroit that is named after Jalen Rose. Yes, the same Jalen Rose who just earlier this year in a documentary referred to Hill and some of his other college teammates at Duke as ‘Uncle Toms'.

Could Ilya Bryzgalov cost too much for Coyotes? -
If people in Philadelphia have their way Phoenix Coyotes goalie Ilya Bryzgalov will be trading in his brick red, desert sand and black for the orange and black of the Flyers. Like we said, ‘if' Philly fans have their way. On, a Philadelphia sports media site, the writer who coves the Flyers is banging the drum loudly in hopes someone is listening to his desire to see Bryz in the city of brotherly love.

NFL News:

NFL, players resume mediation in Minnesota - ESPN
For NFL owners and the players they've locked out in this dispute over the division and future of the ever-popular $9 billion business, it's time to talk again.

The end of the road could be near for McNabb | ProFootballTalk
In the wake of the latest one-two punch against Donovan McNabb — a fresh round of withering (albeit misguided) criticism from boxer Bernard Hopkins and a report that McNabb refused to wear a wristband containing the offensive plays last season in order to preserve his image — one writer who covered McNabb’s up-and-down tenure in Philly has offered up an intriguing take. At a time when many assume McNabb will simply land with a new team for 2011, Geoff Mosher of believes that McNabb career could be kaput.

Robert Kraft fears league, players are close to alienating fans | ProFootballTalk
Patriots owner Robert Kraft, a moderate voice in the ongoing labor dispute who has yet to truly be heard by his more headstrong colleagues, believes that the situation has approached the point at which it could become a real problem for both sides.

Rooney confirms that mediation is, for now, worthless | ProFootballTalk
The resumption today of court-ordered mediation is meaningless because, for now, the NFL and the players have picked leverage over compromise. Steelers owner Art Rooney, II, essentially confirmed that reality on his way in to the mediation session. "We’d like to make progress, but it’ll be hard to do," Rooney said, per Albert Breer of NFL Network. "We have to wait to see what happens June 3."

Collinsworth thinks there will be no football until November | ProFootballTalk
NBC’s Cris Collinsworth dropped a bombshell last week on his Twitter page and at his website,, predicting that the NFL’s regular season won’t begin until November.

Video: No joke, leverage will end lockout - NFC West Blog - ESPN
The Seattle Seahawks' Chester Pitts and Raheem Brock pulled off the seemingly impossible recently. They found humor in the NFL labor situation. I doubt NFL brass laughed too heartily after Pitts and Brock mocked commissioner Roger Goodell with fake prank phone calls, but at least someone is having fun.

Matthew Stafford plans to play "16 games or more" | ProFootballTalk
Matthew Stafford, the oft-injured quarterback who has played 13 games and missed 19 games since the Lions chose him first overall in the 2009 NFL draft, says he expects to play every regular-season game in 2011. And maybe some playoff games, too.

Shutdown option confirmed | ProFootballTalk
Though it remains to be seen whether the NFL would respond to an order from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit lifting the lockout by shutting down all business operations, it’s becoming more and more clear that the option is on the table.

Limbaugh rips "attacks on Donovan McNabb from black individuals" | ProFootballTalk
What would controversial comments about race and Donovan McNabb be without Rush Limbaugh weighing in?

Cris Collinsworth on labor, NFL Network Top 100 players, more - Peter King -
Cris Collinsworth, NBC analyst, believes football won't be played until November Examining the NFL Network's top 100 players list so far and unveiling mine Quotes of the Week, Stat of the Week, 10 Things I Think I Think and more

Chad Ochocinco of Cincinnati Bengals rides bull for 1.5 seconds, gets $10K - ESPN
NFL receiver Chad Ochocinco backed up his promise to ride a 1,500-pound bull on the Professional Bull Riders circuit Saturday night, earning $10,000 for making it out of the chute atop Deja Blu.