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Carson Palmer Sells House

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The soap opera that is the NFL offseason continues to roll out storyline after storyline, and the Arizona Cardinals might have some interest. They need a quarterback, as we know, and this story is about a quarterback. You have probably already heard how Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer has said that he wants to be traded and is willing to retire rather than play another year with the Bengals. He reportedly has $80 million saved and could easily live the rest of his life in comfort without playing another down in the NFL. The latest report shows he is serious, as he has reportedly has a buyer for his home, who will buy it for $2.1 million.

Now, people sell their homes all the time (well, people try to sell their homes all the time but have a much more difficult time now than in the past), but this is a little bit different situation. 

His wife is currently pregnant. As keenly observed by Doug Franz on KTAR Tuesday morning, you don't sell your house out from under your pregnant wife unless you are serious about moving. 

There is reported interest by several teams, particularly in the NFC West. The 49ers are rumored to be a good spot for Palmer, having lived in California before. The Seattle Seahawks are rumored to want him and would let Matt Hasselbeck go if they could acquire him. Here in Arizona there is a lot of hope that Palmer could land in the desert. Even Kurt Warner feels that Palmer would be a perfect fit donning Cardinal red. 

The humongous contract that Palmer has may be an obstacle, but the largest problem in any deal (besides the lockout) is the Bengals organization. Owner Mike Brown has said he has no plans of trading him and has been known to be very stubborn when players make demands. 

How will this turn out? Who knows? But it would be a shame for the entire league if Palmer does not get traded because it means one of the better quarterbacks in a league where there seems to be a shortage of them would be taken away from the fans.