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NFL Lockout: New Proposal From NFL, Mediation Off Until June

Reportedly, Monday evening the NFL made an offer to the players. What is unknown is if it was something that would be reasonable enough for the players to accept, but apparently an offer has changed hands. The players have not yet responded. However, after just two days of mediation, NFL Network's Albert Breer is reporting that talks are postponed until June. 

This is not good news or bad news. Talks were only scheduled for two days. This means the lockout will continue at least into the court hearings in 8th Circuit Court of Appeals June 3rd. 

In what could be seen as comical, or even a picture worth posting for the Caption This! feature, Adam Schefter tweeted that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and player lawyer DeMaurice Smith were seen eating lunch together. 

Is that progress? I certainly would have loved to have heard the conversation between the two. Maybe it would have been about how they have a conspiracy to rake in as much money in attorney's fees as possible so they could both split the dough and head away into retirement on an island never to be found. Maybe both Goodell and Smith are part of a secret organization connected to FIFA or another sport to bring down the NFL and leave viewers to search for something like soccer instead. 

To be perfectly honest, that would be much more interesting than the actual saga going on. 

So we must wait again for the courts. Sounds like fun. Say it with me..."In time this too shall pass."