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NFL Lockout: Maybe Progress Is Being Made

My last post dealing with the current NFL lockout and the delay of mediation until after the June 3rd court hearings was written with some frustration. We all are frustrated and just want our football. Personally, the lockout stresses me because of my desire to keep this wonderful site a wonderful site. When there is no football action to write or talk about, I worry about how to keep meaningful content up for everyone. 

However, upon being up Tuesday night and working on my job that is what supports me and my family and watching a little SportsCenter, I was given a bit of a different impression as to the feeling I should be having towards the current labor situation.

The report I saw had me feeling a little more positive about the situation. The lunch that Roger Goodell, DeMaurice Smith and Judge Broylan had was apparently productive. Even with the delay of more talks, there seems to be a feeling that things are going to get done. 

The reason for putting talks off until after the hearing and also waiting for the Judge Doty's ruling on the TV money case is to know how much money is going to be dealt with.

Maybe I'm just a gullible twit, but that short piece had me a little bit optimistic about the next month. We will see what happens in a few weeks.

By the way, this feeling of optimism still does not change the frustration with the situation. Why it is taking all this is beyond me. So let's come up with some fun things to pass the time and perhaps even mock the situation, because mocking is always good.