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Is There A Calais Campbell Surprise Coming On Video?

You probably at this point have seen the video of Adrian Wilson jumping over a 66-inch high bar. It is pretty amazing. But could there be a new Youtube video sensation on the Arizona Cardinals? There was a little bit of chatter going on about some video with Calais Campbell, jumping and hurdles. What I don't know is the exact content.

Steve Breaston tweeted Michael Adams and Matt Ware, saying,  "I really want to put this video up of Calais jumping over these hurdles." Ware and Adams both pleaded that he put it up, calling it an "instant classic."

Breaston later tweeted that yes he would put up the video tomorrow (Wednesday/today).

Rashard Johnson then piped in and said Breaston should post it and then added this:  "U should have been there I was dying laughing.. He say he could be in the NBA!! Haha."

Johnson's tweet is what has me thinking. Is it something to put us in awe of CCs physical talents? Will it be on par with Wilson's video? Or is it more on the funny side?

I am thinking, based on first impressions, that it is the funnier type. After all, Campbell does want to be a comedy writer or an actor. I could be wrong, though. Also, Adams also responds via tweet, "Man I swear I need to see it! NBA? I have a better chance joining the KKK!" Sounds promising.

So keep your eyes peeled on Breaston's twitter feed. If he puts it up on YouTube, I won't be able to do anything with it until after work. My job blocks YouTube. If I see the link, I'll get it up, but not embed it until I get home.