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Alex Smith Likely To Return To 49ers, Cardinals Fans Rejoice

In what is slow NFL news, we can (probably) scratch off one name from the possible list of quarterbacks that could be on the Arizona Cardinals roster for (hopefully) the 2011 regular season. Alex Smith seems to have been about the only quarterback not linked to the Cardinals at some point this offseason. Although not quoted directly, wrote that he is probably going to be back with the 49ers for the 2011 season.

Smith, formerly the number one pick in the 2005 draft, has had nothing but inconsistency in his career. He has had some flashes of potential, but has been a thorough disappointment to the fans and the team. It hasn't helped that he has not had any continuity in the coaching staff and then he had mike Singletary as his head case coach.

If he is in fact to be the starting quarterback for the Niners this next season, count me in as a guy that is very happy. We know that the talent and potential is there in San Francisco. they just have never been able to quite get it together. They also have had some very unfavorable things happen during games to just crush their will.

Alex Smith means no upgrade. That keeps the NFC West looking good for whatever team can step up and find the right signal caller. The Rams already have Sam Bradford, but the rest of the division is unknown as of today when it comes to the quarterback position. 

So, Cardinals fans, consider this some good news. The Niners aren't getting any better at the most important position. Too bad the Cardinals aren't either, even though Matt Hasselback, Carson Palmer, Kyle Orton, Kevin Kolb but not Donovan McNabb are reportedly all in contact with the team. 

At least we can all breathe a sigh of relief that he won't play for Arizona.