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5-18-11: Bird Droppings- Quarterbacks, Lomax's Injury, The Big Unit's Perfect Game

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A little bit of history I would like to mention here to start this off. Today is the seventh anniversary of Randy Johnson's perfect game on May 18th 2004 against the Atlanta Braves. It is a great memory for Arizona Sports, and it will be re-aired on Fox Sports Arizona at 3:30 PM Arizona time before tonights game which is also against the Braves.

I did look for a highlight video of the game, but I couldn't find it on YouTube.

Todays links includes stuff on the end of Neil Lomax's career with the Cardinals and more Quarterback stuff.

Cardinals News:

Word From the Birds Blog - Revisionist History: The end for Lomax
There is a fair argument to be made that the course of Cardinals’ history was changed on Nov. 13, 1988. That was the day the Cards beat the New York Giants, 24-17, at Sun Devil Stadium to run their record to 7-4 and reside in first place in the NFC East. It was also the day quarterback Neil Lomax’s career began to spiral to its ugly conclusion.

Analyst says Carson Palmer should be Cardinals QB -
Guess what? It's another day and there is another NFL analyst weighing in on who he thinks the Arizona Cardinals should get to play quarterback in 2011. We know, who would have guessed. Tuesday's participant is the NFL Network's Senior Analyst -- that means he's either important or been there the longest -- Pat Kirwan, who made his pick during his weekly web chat on

Stop saying Marc Bulger can be Kurt Warner -
On the surface Bulger looks very similar to the Kurt Warner who found his way to the desert in 2005. Both had success with the St. Louis Rams as accurate passers who completed a high percentage of their passes and who piled up touchdowns. Each were non-factors for the teams they joined immediately following their time in the Midwest. They were viewed by many as washed up when they became free agents and likely backups for the rest of their careers.

Word From the Birds Blog - The Grand Cannon, and Warner rehab
Talking ex-quarterbacks on a Tuesday afternoon, since it doesn’t seem like were close to the time when the Cards can acquire their 2011 version: Blogs " Blog Archive Kirwan: Palmer is best fit for Cardinals "
Most league observers agree that Bengals owner Mike Brown won’t budge from his stance that he won’t trade QB Carson Palmer, who has threatened retirement if he doesn’t get a ticket out of Cincinnati. There’s certainly time for those circumstances to change, and if they do, senior analyst Pat Kirwan sees the Arizona Cardinals as an ideal suitor if Palmer is traded.

Mailbag: Smith and Kaepernick enough? - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Michael from Phoenix wonders what the Cardinals have planned for their offensive line following Alan Faneca's retirement. He sees the team's next quarterback struggling if Arizona doesn't address the line.

Arizona Sports News:

Arizona Diamondbacks top San Diego Padres
Gerardo Parra made a few exceptional plays in the field and delivered a clutch, two-run single in the Diamondbacks' 6-1 victory before a crowd of 16,365 at Chase Field.

Diamondbacks' Armando Galarraga designated for assignment
After Tuesday's game, the Diamondbacks designated struggling right-hander Armando Galarraga for assignment.

Diamondbacks pen ain't no bull -
The Arizona Diamondbacks had the worst bullpen in the history of Major League Baseball last season. Out with the bad and in with the good, or that's at least what the Diamondbacks were hoping for.

Fiesta Bowl retains operating license
The Fiesta Bowl officially is still in business.

Phoenix Suns get expected 13th selection in NBA draft
No such luck. And without any luck from Tuesday night's NBA draft lottery, the Suns fittingly will draft 13th in the June 23 draft. blogs - Coro's Orange Slices - PaulCoro - Lottery luck?
The draft lottery often has not been kind to the Suns in raising their position but their 1999 and 2002 lottery pick selections wound up being two of the franchise's greatest players. Their lottery history...

NFL News:

Reid says the Philadelphia Eagles may not trade Kevin Kolb -
The NFL lockout may be in full swing but that hasn't kept Philadelphia Eagles general manager and head coach Andy Reid from consistently changing the market for quarterback Kevin Kolb. On Tuesday a Philadelphia television station caught up with Reid and asked if the Eagles would still look to deal Kolb when the labor dispute ends. news: Easy to come up with worst free-agency move of last decade
You're an NFL franchise in need of help, so you turn to free agency, hoping that, when you land a big name and pay him the big bucks, he produces and makes a difference. The history of free agency has proven that not all signings go as planned, but which move has been the worst of the last 10 years? One continues to come up with our experts.

Sunday college football wouldn’t result in Saturday NFL games | ProFootballTalk
Amid talk that college football will fill the looming void on Sunday afternoons, Sunday nights, and Monday nights, we recently noticed some chatter on Twitter (I can’t recall from whom) that the NFL could retaliate in the future by playing games on Saturdays.

Roger Staubach calls Tony Romo "a Super Bowl quarterback" | ProFootballTalk
Tony Romo is the right quarterback to lead the Dallas Cowboys to the Super Bowl, according to a quarterback who knows what it takes to lead the Cowboys to the Super Bowl.

Alex Smith confirms he’s likely to return to 49ers | ProFootballTalk
Again and again this offseason, we’ve heard from 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh that he wants to retain quarterback Alex Smith and expects to do so. We haven’t heard a lot from Smith. The fact he didn’t sign with the team before the lockout started appeared to indicate an interest in testing the market. Until Tuesday.

Kings of pain: Most disappointing seasons - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Three of Football Outsiders' 10 most disappointing teams of the last quarter-century call the NFC West home today. None ranks lower than seventh on the list, which is available to Insider subscribers.

Advice to NFC West rooks: Tape ankles - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Four recent NFC West draft choices are heading to Los Angeles for the 2011 NFL Players Rookie Premiere beginning Thursday.

West Coast teams' uphill fight with NFL - NFC West Blog - ESPN
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and the Seattle Seahawks agreed upon a noon PT starting time for a recent conference call with season-ticket holders. How hard was that? Alas, the NFL will force the Seahawks and other West Coast teams to rise 21 times this season for games kicking off at 10 a.m. in their local markets, despite complaints Goodell acknowledged in that very same call with Seahawks fans. The Arizona Cardinals will play three additional games kicking off at 11 a.m. Phoenix time.

Andy Reid: The longer the lockout, the worse the quality of play | ProFootballTalk
Eagles coach Andy Reid has acknowledged something that everyone in the NFL has to be thinking but not many on the management side will want to admit: If the lockout lasts long enough to cut into training camps, the quality of play whenever the regular season starts will be sub-par.