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Steve Breaston Presents Calais Campbell Vs Hurdles: Could Campbell Play In NBA?

On Tuesday night, Arizona Cardinals receiver Steve Breaston questioned whether or not he should put up a video of Calais Campbell showing his jumping ability. Well, the video is now up and you can see it after the jump. As some of you may know, Breaston is also known as Stevie Phantom or S. Phantom. In addition to football, he writes poetry and is now delving into video producing. You can catch his YouTube channel (S.Phantom TV) for some of his other videos.

So here's the background.

Campbell, who is quite tall at 6-8, has made the claim to his teammates that if he trained for a year he could play in the NBA and be dunking all over. He says that when he was 265 pounds he had a 38 inch vertical leap. He now weighs in at about 305.

Breaston catches Campbell on video doing some of the training work he would need to do to make it to the NBA and adds some other interviews, including Adrian Wilson claiming that CC has "no game." Wilson is a bit of a YouTube sensation himself for this video when he jumped over a bar 66 inches high.

That is some skill.

What about Campbell? Check out the actual footage and judge for yourself. Is this NBA material?