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5-19-11: Bird Droppings - DRC And PP7, More QB Talk, Practice

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As this week goes on it is time for some more links, including stuff on the expectations for DRC and PP7 along with even more Quarterback stuff and the practices some of the Cardinals players have organized.

Cardinals News:

Word From the Birds Blog - DRC/PP expectations
Patrick Peterson was blunt when asked about wanting to have an NFL "island" as a cornerback, a la Darrelle Revis. "I don’t want an island," he said. "I want a universe." Alrighty then. That’s a pretty big area. You have to assume, in such a universe, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie would have to be part of the equation. Just what will the Cardinals have with the DRC/PP combination – not yet forgetting Greg Toler, who won’t have the draft pedigree of the other two but arguably will be the best tackler? (We have yet to see what Peterson brings to the table in terms of tackling, but for now, keep the DRC comments to yourself.)

Sporting News says Bulger an intriguing option for Cards -
The Arizona Cardinals need a quarterback and during the lockout the speculation has run rampant who would be the right fit for the team. The Sporting News in a recent evaluation of potential quarterbacks on the move rated Marc Bulger as a great fit for the Cardinals.

ESPN analyst thinks Kevin Kolb to Cards is a 'slam dunk' -
With each passing day Kevin Kolb is becoming more and more like a head cheerleader. He's the most popular person in school but also the one who the most rumors are floating around about. Thursday's rumor comes courtesy of ESPN's Sal Paolantonio. As a guest on SiriusXM's Opening Drive he told host Peter King that Kolb coming to the desert is an inevitability. Although he did provide himself an out.

Lombardi: 'tape on Kolb, it's not overly impressive' -
Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb may be or may not be on the move. It all depends on who you want to believe on any given day. NFL Network's Michael Lombardi is of the mindset that if Kolb does get traded by the Eagles that a team will likely overpay for him.

It sounds crazy but I trust the Cardinals more than the Suns -
I was having a conversation with co-workers on Wednesday and in listening to the words coming out of my mouth I almost didn't recognize them. They sounded foreign. I trust the Arizona Cardinals more than the Phoenix Suns.

Arizona Cardinals trying to stay on schedule
With another round of court-ordered mediation failing to show progress, it has become clear that the self-starters of the NFL world will be the ones that thrive if the regular season begins as scheduled in September.

Flash Points: Franchise-turning events - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Examining the most crucial event in the history of every team in the division. - Confusion abounds for Cardinals at running back
Our sources in the desert are having a difficult time trying to determine just what exactly the Cardinals might have in mind at running back after their very surprising second-round selection of Virginia Tech RB Ryan Williams in the recently concluded NFL draft. All of the sudden, the team's RB situation could not be more muddled with former first-rounder Beanie Wells, potential free agent Tim Hightower, diminutive third-down back LaRod Stephens-Howling and veteran reserve Jason Wright also in the mix. "It was a shock," one team insider said of the selection of Williams. "It's hard to say what's happening. Both (head coach Ken) Whisenhunt and (GM Rod) Graves are claiming that the competition at the position will be healthy, and that the team used four backs last year, although Wright was not used much."

Chat wrap: Free-agent options for Rams - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Chris (Phoenix, Ariz.): Hey Mike, long-time reader, first-time asker. Let's say the Cards get Kevin Kolb or Carson Palmer. Would they still try to sign Marc Bulger? And if they do, does that mean Max Hall and Richard Bartel are out?

Arizona Sports News:

Justin Upton, Ryan Roberts lead Arizona Diamondbacks past Atlanta Braves
Justin Upton lashed a home run to deep left-center in the first inning to give the Diamondbacks the lead. In the 11th, it was his infield hit that loomed much larger, as it gave the Diamondbacks a 5-4 victory over Atlanta on Wednesday in front of 19,773 at Chase Field.

NFL News:

Glazer: Most players just waiting for news, like the rest of us | ProFootballTalk
NFL fans aren’t the only ones that are in the dark when it comes to the current labor negotiations.

Marcus Cannon says he was "blessed" to be drafted after cancer diagnosis | ProFootballTalk
Marcus Cannon, the guard from TCU that was diagnosed with non-Hodkins Lymphoma two weeks before the Patriots selected him in the fifth round of the draft, says that his recovery is going well.

DeMaurice Smith to University of Maryland grads: NFLPA won't 'shut up and play' - ESPN
DeMaurice Smith had barely settled behind the podium when University of Maryland students started chanting: We want football.

Shut down option likely will be officially shut down next week | ProFootballTalk
Earlier this week, before the Eighth Circuit provided a strong hint that Judge Nelson’s order lifting the lockout will be dropped like a proverbial hot potato, chatter remained regarding whether a decision by the Eighth Circuit to affirm Judge Nelson’s ruling would result in the league shutting down all operations. But as Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports pointed out earlier today, there’s still a chance that the players will prevail, and that the lockout will be lifted.