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2011 NFL Draft Results: Cardinals Opinions On Twitter

NFL fans everywhere were following the 2011 NFL Draft last weekend, whether it was watching it on NFL Network, on ESPN, on the Internet, on the radio or on their phones. With social media, we also had the ability to get people's reactions and opinions almost immediately. If you are like me, you use Twitter for both information and entertainment. Sometimes you get both. 

As the Arizona Cardinals made their picks, we were able to get reactions from the actual Cardinals players. Some of these surely you have read from the info already out there, but in any case, you get a feel for how the actual players view the picks that Ken Whisenhunt and the draft staff did with their selections.

Darnell Dockett's reactions:

On drafting Patrick Peterson:

Great Pick! Patrick Peterson! I told yall who we was gonna get! I known him 4two years he works hard and plays hard! GREAT PICK COACH WHIZ!

On drafting Robert Housler (better said after getting a tight end in the third round):

Yo I was doing the dougie just having a good time till I just heard we drafted a TE! Ummmm *side_eye*

On Da'Quan Bowers' fall in the draft (not related to the Cardinals):

@DaQuanBowers93 keep ya head up bro, trust me I went through the same process! Work harder than ever! Get to the top and never come down!

Larry Fitzgerald on drafting Patrick Peterson:

We got better today after drafting Patrick Peterson him paired with DRC is going to be the best tandem in the NFL in the near future.

Kerry Rhodes, welcoming Patrick Peterson:

Welcome to the Desert Patrick!! Let's go terrorize these opposing QB's!

Beanie Wells, on the selection of Ryan Williams:

@kentsomers I think I'm getting traded!;)

@kentsomers jk!

@kentsomers excited about him! Think he will be great fit for the cards !

@aldaudio lol naw i think it's good so far got some great players and great competition coming for some guys

John Skelton, plugging his little brother, Stephen Skelton as a possible draft pick for the Cardinals:

No TE taken in the 1st Round. Lil bro @sskelton84 is a diamond in the rough and can make an impact in AZ Freddy Kitchens pound the table!