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5-2-11: Bird Droppings - Draft Picks, Lockout

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Time for some more links related to the draft picks and the lockout. But with the announcement of the death of Osama bin Laden yesterday after a raid on his home in Pakistan, I think it would be appropriate for all of us to take a moment to honor the thousands of innocent Americans that died on 9/11, and all of the soldiers that died trying to bring him to justice. I would also like to thank President Bush for starting this fight, President Obama for finishing it, and all of the other people in the Government and the Military who were involved in this mission. 5-1-11 is a day that we will all remember for a long time.

Now, back to Football, here are some links on the NFL draft, the lockout, a Bulger update, and some behind the scenes videos of Patrick Peterson at the Draft and when he arrived at the Cardinals facility.

Bin Laden killed in fiery raid in Pakistan
Four helicopters swooped in early Monday and killed Osama bin Laden in a fiery American raid on his fortress-like compound in a Pakistani town that is home to three army regiments.

Arizona Cardinals put stock into drafting playmakers
Trust them, they have a plan. That's the message the Cardinals sent their fans with a shift in philosophies during the draft, concentrating more on a player's talents than the team's needs.

Ravens Insider: Source: Ravens won't pursue tampering charge against Cardinals - Baltimore Ravens news, schedule, analysis and opinion -
A Ravens source said the team won’t pursue tampering charges against the Arizona Cardinals because it would be difficult to find evidence to prove it. Before the draft, the Sports Xchange reported that the Cardinals "already have an understanding" with Marc Bulger, who was the Ravens’ backup quarterback last season. Even though Bulger will be an unrestricted free agent, he is technically on the Ravens until the new league year begins.

Cardinals get bacon, steak, and ice cream in draft -
Larry Fitzgerald said that Ken Whisenhunt learned his lesson. Yes he did. Apparently with a vengeance.

Post-draft grades: Arizona Cardinals - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Mel Kiper Jr. gave the Arizona Cardinals a B-minus grade for their efforts in the 2011 NFL draft. He graded them down for not adequately addressing perceived needs at outside linebacker and offensive tackle. He was less concerned about not drafting a quarterback because the options were fewer once the team decided to draft LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson fifth overall. In my view, the lower grades on the need front reflect a positive development in the Cardinals' drafting strategy. The team seemed driven more by needs in past drafts. Picking earlier this year made it easier to focus on value. The team went after value and seemed to get it multiple times. That strategy will pay off over the long haul.

All access: Peterson on Draft night
Video Gallery -

First 24: Peterson visits new home
Video Gallery -

Arizona Rattlers suffer first loss of year vs. Spokane Shock
The Arizona Rattlers came up just short Saturday in Spokane, losing 70-69 to the Shock for their first loss of the season.

Diamondbacks hold off Chicago Cubs to close series
For once, Daniel Hudson didn't have to hold his breath in the first inning of a game he pitched. Everybody was waiting to exhale Sunday in the ninth inning, though, with closer J.J. Putz on the mound. blogs - Kevin Hunt Blog - kevinhunt - Grading the Draft - meaningless
Grading the NFL Draft is like a 7 Day forecast. You really can't predict the weather that far in advance and you just can't be sure whether your draft is an A+ or D- until a few years from now. But fans feel better if they can see a letter grade attached. Think of all the bust there have been over the years in the first five picks and that is suppose to be your can't miss players. I heard a stat tonight that I'm probably going to misquote but of the #1 overall picks only 15% have made it to the hall of fame. The evaluation process has become more intense and you hope extra information will cut down the odds of making a mistake but you can never be sure. blogs - Richard Obert - Richardobert - Best NFL draft ever for home-grown athletes?
This was a tremendous NFL draft for the locals. Six home-grown players were selected in the seven rounds, five in the first four rounds, two in the first round. news: Prospects such as Burney and Herzlich must make decision
The 2011 NFL Draft is in the rearview mirror, and crickets -- muffled until now by the hype around the college selection show -- are audible.

NFL tells appeals court why lockout should stay - ESPN
The National Football League filed a brief Monday with the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis, explaining why it deserves a permanent stay of an injunction granted to the players in Minnesota to block the lockout.

2012 NFL Mock Draft: Who Goes After Stanford Quarterback Andrew Luck? -
It's never too early to look ahead to the next NFL Draft. In 2012, Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck will be the most coveted prospect in years, but where will he land -- and will he have any competition for the top spot?

Post-draft grades: St. Louis Rams - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Mel Kiper Jr. gave the St. Louis Rams a B grade for their efforts in the 2011 NFL draft. Everything looks better with a young, ascending quarterback in place. The Rams used three of their first four picks on weapons for Sam Bradford. All three fit the mold for new coordinator Josh McDaniels, who prefers big receivers. All three should help the Rams improve in the red zone, where they struggled badly last season.

Post-draft grades: Seattle Seahawks - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Mel Kiper Jr. gave the Seattle Seahawks a D-plus grade for their efforts during the 2011 NFL draft. No other team in the league received a grade so low. The grade suffered because the team did nothing during the draft to address its quarterback situation, instead alluding to a plan that cannot spring into action during a lockout. The prohibition on player trades also handcuffed the Seahawks, who had became one of the NFL's most active teams under coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider. This was going to be a boring draft for Seattle, most likely. A year ago, the team had two of the first 14 picks and new leadership. There was buzz around the possibilities.

Post-draft grades: San Francisco 49ers - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Mel Kiper Jr. gave the San Francisco 49ers a C-plus grade for their efforts during the 2011 NFL draft. Four teams received lower grades. Why the weak endorsement? Kiper liked some of the 49ers' picks, including first-rounder Aldon Smith, but he thought the team reached for quarterback Colin Kaepernick in the second round. The 49ers traded up nine spots to draft Kaepernick because, in their view, they could not have drafted him later.

Ravens won’t pursue tampering charges against Cardinals | ProFootballTalk
Two days ago, the Ravens were pursuing a fourth-round draft pick from the Chicago Bears in the wake of a failed trade at the bottom of the first round of the draft. When it comes to a team that once called Chicago home — the Arizona Cardinals — the Ravens are taking a considerably higher road.

NFL files brief, uses players’ words on lockout against them | ProFootballTalk
Still feeling that "back to football" buzz after draft weekend? The NFL is ready to kill it.

The same judges will handle the motion for a stay | ProFootballTalk
While hunting-and-pecking our recent item regarding the possibility that the lockout, which returned on Friday, could once again be lifted, I paused to send an e-mail to Michael Gans, Clerk of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, with multiple questions regarding the case of Tom Brady et al. v. National Football League et al. It was well before 8:00 a.m. CT, and I didn’t expect to hear back from him before Monday afternoon. He responded within minutes.

Cam Newton takes offense to suggestions he can’t run an NFL scheme | ProFootballTalk
Now that the draft is over and Cam Newton can put all the pre-draft scrutiny behind him, he acknowledges that questions about his ability to learn and execute the quarterback’s responsibilities in an NFL playbook are the "one thing I take offense to."

A new round of Dez Bryant criticism starts after he doesn’t show to facility | ProFootballTalk
We were so caught up in the draft over the weekend that we missed the latest round of Dallas’ favorite offseason sport: Dissecting Dez Bryant.

Bin Laden’s death could raise stakes in the lockout | ProFootballTalk
We don’t like to stray off topic, even when caught up in the rare sense of national unity and celebration that has arisen from news of the killing of the man who masterminded the 9/11 attacks. But there’s one thread connecting the death of Osama bin Laden and pro football.

‘Type bias’ makes quarterbacks tough to evaluate - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
The NFL draft is a crapshoot at the best of times. and when ranking and evaluating the "easiest" of positions (whatever they may be). More than any other position, quarterback is the most difficult to assess. About once every five years, you get a scheme-transcendent quarterback, who could drop into any of 32 teams and succeed. Oklahoma's Sam Bradford is probably the last one to project that way, and it's safe to say that there is no quarterback in the 2011 draft class who will give what Bradford will give the Rams from a pure skill set perspective. And that means one very simple thing — as much as it's about base attributes (both tangible and intangible), you have to point your scheme in the direction of your next franchise quarterback. This is especially true of those quarterbacks who come to the NFL with skills that pretty much maxed out in college — the ones who didn't have the rocket arm and ridiculous mobility to blow away college defenders. In cases like these, such players will have to prepare more, be more intelligent, and luck out enough to get in the right system. It's the toughest way to go, and for the guys who do make it in the NFL with relatively limited skills, it's a constant fight. You would think that one fighter would recognize it in another, which leads us to the curious case of Trent Dilfer's quarterback evaluations.