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2011 NFL Draft Grades: SB Nation Grades The Arizona Cardinals

The most popular thing to do after the NFL Draft is to, of course, evaluate the selections that were made by each team. At least initially, most people and organizations are looking at the draft class that the Arizona Cardinals put together quite favorably. We here at ROTB for the most part also like the players the team picked up. SB Nation recently put up its NFL Draft grades and were among those who liked what the Arizona Cardinals achieved with their player selections over the weekend.

Overall, SB Nation gave the Cardinals a B-. This certainly is not a bad grade, but is not spectacular. According to the site, the Buccaneers, the Lions and the Saints were the big draft winners in the NFC.

Here is the snippet about the Cardinals:

Patrick Peterson may be the best player in this draft class when it's all said and done. The team added some nice offensive skill talent on day two, particularly running back Ryan Williams, and even found great value on day three in linebackers Sam Acho and Quan Sturdivant. The Cardinals got good players, but the grade is lowered a bit because quarterback remains unaddressed, and Acho wasn't enough for their rush linebacker position.

It seems to echo the positive things and the concerns that most of us have. The one thing that was not mentioned is how the team failed to address the offensive line in the draft for the second year in a row.

Yes, grading a draft this early is a guess, but it isn't too early to at least project how these players will contribute on Sundays in the NFL.