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Patrick Peterson Sees Cardinals As 'Wonderful Opportunity' As A 'Shutdown Corner'

Newly drafted Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson is not taking to say the right things. He was on XTRA 910 to discuss his experience after being the fifth overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft. He talks about the draft weekend and what he thinks he will bring to the Arizona defense.

Peterson was perhaps a bit surprised at being selected by the Cardinals because he did not have a private workout with the team. "It definitely was the San Francisco 49ers," he said who had the most interest leading up to the draft. "But now I'm going to play those guys twice a year, and hopefully we're going to make them pay."

Those are beautiful words to hear. So are these:

"The weather is wonderful, we have a great team, we're definitely destined to be great one of these days."

Peterson seems to have the confidence necessary to play at the highest level in the NFL. When asked about what he brings to the team, he describes himself as a "shutdown corner, a guy that looks to take your No. 1 receiver away."

His play is "physical, swagger, confidence, he described.  "You've just got to have that about you; you've just got to have that extra ‘uh' in your step. You've just got to want to be the best each and every day." 

Peterson also showed that he is humble enough to learn from and respect the veterans, such as Larry Fitzgerald and Adrian Wilson, already on the club. 

"I mean, both of guys have been there and done that. Like I said with Larry, he's definitely a guy that's going to have me prepared and ready to rise to each and every occasion that is presented to me. He's the best in the game, and I want to be the best someday. So by me going up against the best each and every day, him helping me get technically sound and helping me be a relentless guy that wants to be great each and every day, that's an opportunity that I love and can't turn down. And to be with A-Dub behind me, a guy that's been in the league 11 years I believe, I mean he's been there, he's worked with a lot of corners. But I want to be different, I want to be the best he's ever worked with so he don't have to worry about me; he can just roam the field and go out and make plays."

As for his return skills, he is very interested in returning kicks and/or punts with the Cards. Playing on the return team would be "no problem," he explains.  "Because me being an offensive guy coming out of high school, I just love being in the end zone. That feeling is just remarkable."

Still have doubts that this guy will be something special in the NFL? I don't. Obviously it is way too early to call it a success, but he certainly is going to win over fans all over the Redbird Nation.