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Don't Look Now, Kurt Warner Is Teasing Fans By Getting Back On Football Field

Even though it was over a year ago, Kurt Warner's retirement from the NFL still stings. How the 2010 season turned out, especially at the quarterback position, makes it even worse. With Warner the Cards were special. So any hint of his changing his mind would be music to the ears of Cardinals fans everywhere. 

That's why tweets from the man Warner himself like these get us riled up. He tweets:

Don't get any ideas... But went & threw the fball today w/ @LarryFitzgerald & some of young guys... Haven't done that since I retired!

Don't get any ideas? Heck even his former teammates grabbed this. 

Kerry Rhodes (technically not a former teammate) responded saying, "Kurt we got ideas!" 

Beanie Wells even jokingly tweeted:

@kurt13warner looked great out there throwing the ball to us today!!! #comeback ???????

We know Warner won't do what Brett Favre did. It's not in his nature. 

Regardless, he's just trying to tease us. Too bad it's a really bad joke, kind of like the one I tried to pull for April Fool's Day.

Kurt, you're just opening up wounds that have not yet healed.