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Tweet, Tweet: The Cardinals' Best On Twitter For The Week Of The Apocalypse

Well, 5-21-11 came and went and the supposed rapture did not happen. Go figure. The guy was wrong in 1994. He was wrong again. In honor of the fact that the world is continuing without zombies (and because it is Sunday), it is time to share some of the best tweets of the week by the Arizona Cardinals.

Last week, by a small margin, the Kurt Warner/Calais Campbell conversation was dubbed the favorite of the community. Again, it was this:

Just synced my Calendar 2 my iphone & lost all my memory space... I figured retirement would free up space! #waytoobusy

@kurt13warner looks like you should just come back and play for a yr or 2...we still have a spot for you...prob have a lil more free time 2

Here are the candidates for this week:

Kurt Warner (@kurt13warner) with the tweet you all read about earlier this week:

Don't get any ideas... But went & threw the fball today w/ @LarryFitzgerald & some of young guys... Haven't done that since I retired!

A.J. Jefferson (@Mr_AriesEgo) had a very random tweet -- no other way to explain it:

I took a sh*t today. It didn't stink, more like freshly baked cinnamon rolls. Must be my lucky day. Lmao

Steve Breaston (@SBreaston15) in a quip directed at someone:

You to shut up RT @EvanMathis66: What do you want "@SBreaston15: Hey y'all "

Derek Anderson (@derekanderson3) reacts to the NBA Lottery and how Cleveland gets the number one pick just a year after having lost LeBron James:

U don't think the NBA draft lottery is rigged ur out of ur mind!

Larry Fitzgerald (@LarryFitzgerald), responding to the idea of the Rapture and ensuing end of the world:

Yep,so is the Lockout... NOT RT @cody_oliveira: @LarryFitzgerald the worlds supposed to end tomorow!!! #teamfitzgerald

Pick your favorite. Vote and explain. Have a great day!