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5-23-11: Bird Droppings - Thriftiness, Fitz's Drop Percentage, NFL Labor Meetings

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Time to start off this week with some links. Not a whole lot to look at today, but there is some stuff on how the Cardinals thrifty past is being used against them in the media right now, Larry Fitzgerald's low drop percentage, NFL owners having labor meetings and the Diamondbacks winning their sixth game in a row giving sports fans in the valley something to smile about while we are waiting for the lockout to end.

Cardinals News:

Cardinals past being used against them now -
Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that this week non contracted employees of the Arizona Cardinals are being forced to take a furlough from their jobs. Not allowed in the office for a week. Not allowed to check email for a week. All in an attempt to save money during the lockout. Never mind that other teams are doing it. Never mind that we've literally known about these furloughs for months. On Friday the NFL news cycle was dedicated to pounding the penny pinching Arizona Cardinals, who are at it again.

Lockout dispenses with the delusions - NFC West Blog - ESPN
The Cardinals are still searching for Kurt Warner's replacement, while the Rams hope a coordinator change doesn't stunt Sam Bradford's growth in St. Louis.

Drop Percentage |
Kahled Elsayed of Pro Football Focus discusses the best and worst at hauling in catchable balls among NFL receivers.

Arizona Sports News:

Arizona Diamondbacks sweep Minnesota Twins at Chase Field
A week ago, as the Diamondbacks limped into town after a disastrous road trip, it was difficult to see this coming. Six wins in a row. Clutch hitting. The hottest team in baseball. Daniel Hudson pitched eight strong innings Sunday, leading the surging Diamondbacks to a 3-2 interleague win over the Minnesota Twins in front of 31,017 fans at Chase Field. As a result, Arizona is back to .500 for the first time since April 20 and is on its longest win streak in three seasons.

Only one man in Arizona sports deserves a statue -
The first local athlete to receive his own statue was Pat Tillman, and rightfully so. His contributions to not only ASU and the Arizona Cardinals but to our country made him the obvious choice for such an amazing honor. After that though, there seems to be more qualified candidates than at a job fair these days. Too bad only one of them is truly deserving.

Closer J.J. Putz key to Arizona Diamondbacks' confidence
Putz notched 12th consecutive save in helping Diamondbacks reach .500

Ranking The Phoenix Suns Western Conference Finals Failures - SB Nation Arizona
With the Western Conference Finals in full swing let's take a look at the times the Suns have reached that stage and fallen short.

NFL News:

NFL owners to meet about labor, vote on new rules - ESPN
Armed with a key victory in the courts, NFL owners will gather Monday for their annual spring meetings.

NFL: John Clayton examines 10 deals that need to get done when the lockout finally ends - ESPN
John Clayton examines 10 deals that need to get done once the NFL lockout is lifted, including a stadium agreement in Minnesota and several free-agent signings.

Ray Lewis of Baltimore Ravens says crime will rise if season lost - ESPN
One of the consequences of a lost NFL season will be an increase of crime in America, Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis said in a wide-raging one-on-one interview with ESPN.