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Marc Bulger Not Interested In Arizona Cardinals?

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Each day goes by and it seems that even with the NFL lockout the Arizona Cardinals quarterback situation becomes clearer. Just a day after reportedly there is one less team interested in trading for Philadelphia Eagle Kevin Kolb (the Cleveland Browns), now it seems that there is a quarterback candidate that is no longer interested in the Cardinals job. Despite statements claiming that the Cardinals had some sort of understanding with him, it now seems that free agent-to-be Marc Bulger does not want to come out west.

Where does this come from?

It would come from John Clayton from ESPN. Answering a reader's question about the talk of Bulger, Clayton said this:

"From what I hear, Bulger doesn't want to sign with the Cardinals."

That doesn't give us much, but this really should not come as a surprise.

There have been whispers about his desire to start in the league, that he was content being a backup. There is also a fact that Kent Somers over at the Arizona Republic shared over two months ago. Somers wrote that Bulger would prefer to stay relatively close to St. Louis, as his wife is a doctor there.

If this is in fact true, this will limit the Cardinals options. It will make it almost a necessity to make a trade for a quarterback. Kevin Kolb and Kyle Orton will then surface as the two main guys.

The amazing thing is how things are developing when there is no business going on. Nobody can talk to players or with other teams about players. So, it will certainly be fun to see how everything plays out, if it ever can play out.