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Kevin Kolb To Cardinals Is 1 of 10 Biggest Deals 'That Need To Get Done'

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The Arizona Cardinals quarterback situation is the thing to talk about. It has come up again in the national discussion of the NFL. During the lockout, it seems there is some new development at least weekly, and all of this happening during a work stoppage in which discussions of this type are not supposed to happen. ESPN's John Clayton looks forward to the future end of the lockout (sure, laugh that someone believes that it will eventually end) and at the ten deals he thinks have to happen before play starts in the 2011 NFL season (even if it is a dream). 

One of those deals involves the Arizona Cardinals and Philadelphia Eagle Kevin Kolb.


Kolb to Arizona actually is listed as the number two deal that needs to happen.

It's starting to sound like Marc Bulger, an East Coast guy with family considerations, might not be lured to Phoenix by the chance to be the Cardinals' starter. That may be the reason we're hearing more about a trade that could bring Kolb to Arizona. The Eagles want at least a first-round pick in return for Kolb, but the Cardinals might be willing to part with two second-rounders instead. Adding Kolb would be the most important addition in the quarterback-starved NFC West, and his presence could move the Cards back toward the top of the division.

Of all the potential deals that have come up (a first round pick, Patrick Peterson, a first rounder and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, a first rounder and Peterson, among them), the possibility of acquiring Kolb for two second round picks I like. In fact, the precedent is there. 

Kent Somers (Arizona Republic) reminds us of the deal that sent Michael Vick's unproven backup to Houston (note that Kolb is now Vick's backup -- kind of eery if you think about it). Houston and Atlanta traded first round picks, swapping spots, and Houston gave up two second rounders. I would do that deal. Then again, I like Kolb and think he will turn out to be a very good quarterback. I would give up a first rounder without question. I balk a little at a pick and a player (but it would depend on the player), but I do the deal.

Clayton agrees that Kolb would be a good fit here. 

"The argument could be made that the Cardinals could be just a quarterback (Kolb) away from a 10-11 win season."

Obviously, none of this will be happening any time soon, but for those out there that are not high on Kolb, it looks like (at least for now) that you will need to prepare yourselves for the Kevin Kolb era in Glendale.